Ruby RedMature

Instead of attending a party or a club. Diggy spent the remainder of his night accompanied with Tevin and Kel's friend Ariel. Looking presentable, they sat in a upscale lounge entitled the Ruby Lounge. The lounge was beautiful. "You are Da One" by Rihanna played in the background.

Diggy dressed in a white dress shirt, black straight-legged jeans and a black blazer. Tevin dressed in tight hunter green dress shirt and black skinny jeans. Ariel dressed in black cocktail dress, with red pumps.

"We look good!" said Tevin. 

Diggy agreed, "Not bad for an 1 hour change time. What time is it?"  

Ariel answered, "Midnight. I'm trying to get some dick tonight."

Tevin and Diggy looked at each other and laughed.

Ariel laughed, "What?"

Tevin laughed, "Kel, is doing it for you, right?"

Diggy laughed, "He doesn't do it well, I guess?"

Tevin hit Diggy in his arm and laughed as he rubbed his arm. 

Ariel laughed, "Well, when we fucked, he wasn't into it. And quite, frankly neither was I."

Tevin whispered, "OOOOOO"

Diggy smiled, "Did he have a disconnecting facial expression?"

She agreed.

Diggy continued, "Hmmmm! Did he bit your lip when he kissed you?"

Ariel knodded no. Diggy continued. Tevin laughed.

"Interesting. When he came, did he twitch? Preferably his left foot?"

 Ariel knodded no. Diggy continued. Tevin and Ariel laughed.

"One more question! Did he eat or finger you?" 

"Wow, hmmm both."

An surprise Diggy said, "Hmph! Wow, he's changing it up. Good for him."

Ariel responded, "How do you know all of this?"

Diggy nervously laughed, " see what had ... happened was... I walked in on him. Yeah... mmhhmm "

Ariel laughed. Tevin punched Diggy.

"You are so crazy. I'm going to go get us some free drinks." Ariel said, as she pulled up her dress and walked over to the bar.

Tevin and Diggy laughed. Tevin said, "So what did you conclude about Kel?"

Diggy responded, "He faked it. When Kel fakes sex, he is so detached from it. If your doing it right, every time you hit his spot his left leg twitches.  (Diggy bites his lip) And it's a great site to experience! (Smiling)  And he hates fingering. He loves to eat. He loves the juices! He loves to bite too! He faked it." 

Tevin and Diggy laughed. 

Diggy continued, "I observe, I analyze and I play the game. Next topic: you."

Tevin smiled.

Diggy smiled and continued, " You have been looking at my lips for a while now. You want another kiss? And that was cute. I heard  what you said  at Malik's house... so do you like how I taste?"

Tevin became embarrassed. Diggy leaned over and kissed him. Diggy bit his lip and Tevin jointed back. Diggy slid his tongue in Tevin's mouth. Diggy followed and gently brought him back. 

The End

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