An hour has passed. Malik's fraternity brothers went to stay in a hotel. Jay, Rachel and Danita went home for the night. Malik and Andre prepared an beautiful and exquisite dinner. Tevin sliced a piece of apple pie to everyone at the table. Tevin offered Diggy a ride home, so that he can stay longer instead of going with his fraternity brothers. Ariel fed Kel a piece of pie. All of the six people sat around Malik's dinner table sharing experiences. "Medicine" by Musiq Soulchild played in the background.

Andre said as he slid a piece of the pie in his mouth, "So what is everyone doing tonight?"

Malik responded, "Calming down after this hectic day. I don't think I've been to sleep yet."

Diggy walked over to the window. 

Kel fed a piece of pie to Ariel and said, "It has been a day. But I'm glad everybody is okay. I still can't believe that happened. Later on we need to talk about Ross."

Tevin asked, "Diggy, do you want a piece?"

Kel uttered, "Of course, he wants a piece! You know Diggy doesn't turn down food!"

Everybody laughed except Diggy.

Diggy looked back at the table, "I'm glad I didn't hear that smart comment."

Everybody continued to laugh. Kel continued to make jokes. 

Diggy snapped his head towards the table, "Those better not be jokes towards me."

Malik replied, "It's all in good fun."

Tevin announced, "Does anyone want to go out?"

Ariel replied, "Oh yes! Let's go."

Malik said, "I'm partied out. I still have to prepare for my straight bday surprise next friday.  But I'm good."

Andre kissed Malik. 

Kel replied, "I'm tired out too and not in the party mood."

Andre said, "Baby, can we just go upstairs to sleep. I am tired."

Malik kissed Andre, and said, "Of course baby!"

Ariel smiled. 

Diggy walked over to table and said, "Well, I guess its just Tevin, Ariel and I!"

Kel interrupted, "Ariel is with me."

Ariel laughed and replied, "It's okay babe, I'm going out with the gays tonight."

Diggy muttered, "Everybody in this room is gay..."

Tevin, Malik and Andre exploded with laughter. Kel shot Diggy a dirty look.

Diggy said, "What you don't trust your girlfriend with me and Tevy?"

Tevin and Malik laughed.  

Ariel interrupted, "Um (laughing) Kel's not my boyfriend. "

Andre said, "Really!"

Diggy muttered, "He ain't mine neither."

Kel stood up and glared at Diggy. Tevin and Malik laughed harder. 

Ariel stated, "Yeah, we are just chilling! So Kel... I'll talk to you later?"

Ariel went over to the closet door to grab her purse.

Diggy mocked Ariel to Kel, "Yeah, we are just chilling! So Kel... Game On, right?!"

Malik and Andre exploded with laughter.

Tevin said, "This is going to be a rather interesting night!"

Tevin and Diggy started to put their jackets on. Kel look uncomfortable. Kel walked up on Diggy.

"This is your idea of a game."

Diggy added, "Shut up and play."

Ariel grabbed her keys and Tevin and Diggy followed.

"Bye Everyone! Enjoy your night!" said Ariel.

Tevin waved goodbye to everyone.

Diggy responded, "I know I will be having a great night, right Mikhael."

He said as he winked at Kel and closed the front door.

"This could be a problem for you Kel." Said Malik, "But not for me! I'm about to go have SEX!" 

Andre giggled! Malik pinched Andre's butt as they ran up the steps...

The End

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