Game OnMature

Kel: I came to my senses.

Diggy became frustrated

Diggy: (whining) What do you want me to do? (exhales) I don't know what you want from me?

Kel looked at the sky and held his hand out in front of him. Kel became quiet. Diggy sat on the brownstone stoop as his frustration grew.

Diggy: Does it bother you that it doesn't matter how far you run from me... I still will be in your blood stream.

Kel snapped his head. 

Diggy: I bet you fucked ME more than you fucked the GIRL in there... I bet you think of me when you fucking bitches...

Kel: Take it back Demetreus!

Diggy: (cocky) I'm in you nigga.... How you feel?!

Kel: (angry)  I hate you!

Diggy: I actually think you still love me! I got you so fucked up that you took a break from your friends. After I saw you last, it took me sometime to get over you, but I started dating again. I didn't become like you.

Kel: I needed to get myself situated... it took a lot of energy to date you.

Diggy: (laughing) It's messed up that I have to get you angry before you can speak to me. Express yourself Kel...

Diggy pushed Kel. Kel took a few steps back. 

Diggy: You want me... and then you don't. MIKHAEL... I just want to be your friend that's all! But you can't get over it.

Kel pinned Diggy against the brownstone wall and said, "It's not that I want you, because if I wanted you, I would have you."

Diggy: Pssh! I bet, you can't!

Kel: Yes I can...

Kel kissed Diggy. He put so much passion in his kiss. He lifted Diggy up and Diggy's legs wrapped around Kel's waist. 

Kel: (whispered) Now moan...

Diggy started to moan...

Kel subtly dropped Diggy. Diggy took a few seconds to catch his breath and Kel walked up and whispered in his ear.

Kel: I have as much control as you do. I just don't use it. I am what I want to be. And you or no one can stop me! Stop being a dirty hoe and act like you got some sense! 

Diggy looked at Kel in his face. 

Kel: You still want me. But it must drive you crazy that you can't have me. And you may still be in my blood stream, but day by day, I am slowly flushing you out.

Diggy: Fine...

Kel: So let's walk in here... and just be friends...

Diggy replied, "Its whatever you want,"  as he opened the front door and walked inside.

Kel smiled and bit his lip... "Game On Diggy..."

The End

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