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Everyone rushes towards the door. 

"SHHH!!! Everybody listen!" said Jay.

Rachel sat back on the couch and said, "Y'all are so NOISY! Let them be!"

Ariel sat next to Rachel and whispered, "What's going on?!"

Rachel replied, "Kel and Diggy used to be "great" friends, and a couple of months ago, they ended their friendship. So I guess they are talking about it now."

Ariel replied, "Well that explains his actions earlier."

They sat and watched everybody else listen at the door.


"DA FUCK!" Said Kel.

Diggy slapped him again in his face, "Does that feel better!"

"Shut up! You were acting like a dirty --"

"S-s-say it again! And you gonna get more than a slap, Mikhael!"

"Well! You were certainly acting like it!"


"Cause you kissed Tevin!"

"No (Diggy hesitated) .... (Inhaled)  Tevin kissed me! And I'm SINGLE! I don't have a man! I can do what I fucking please!"


Tevin walked away from everyone and they all turned to him.

Jay turned to Tevin, "You sneaky bitch! Look at you! I knew you like Diggy... shaking my head (Jay shook his head) !"

Tevin responded, "I wanted to taste him, and I did. Don't be mad at the man, be made at my game."

Rachel high-five Tevin... and said, "That's what I'm talking about! Do you baby boy!"

Malik came out from the kitchen and said, "Why are you guys against the door?!"

Andre quickly said, "They listening to Diggy and Mikhael argue..."

Jay said, "AND its JUICY!!!!! YASSS BOY!"

Malik walked up against them and pulled everyone off the door. "Go sit down y'all noisy bitches!"

They laughed and sat down.


Diggy got in Kel's face. "What does it matter to you?! What I do!"

Kel: You get on my nerves.

Diggy: I feel like your bi-polar! You were such a sweetheart to me earlier. You wanted to help me. Watched my every move from the hospital window and now, you're a straight asshole!

The End

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