Stupid HoeMature

They released from the kiss. Tevin released his grip and took a few steps back.

Diggy: (surprised) Wow... that was ...

Tevin: (slowly) Warm and nice.

Diggy smiled, and responded, "Yes I agree."

Tevin licked his lips. 

Diggy: What made you want to do that?

Tevin: You looked cold.

They both laughed. 

Diggy: Thank you Tevin. 

Diggy grabbed Tevin's hand and kissed him again on his lips.  

Diggy: Let's go inside.

Tevin: I'm warm now... 

Diggy: (giggling) I bet

They both laughed.


Jay: Damn, I know its cold out there... y'all were out there for a while.

Tevin: I needed to get some stuff off my chest.

Kel: I bet!

Diggy shot Kel an evil glare.

Diggy: Atleast he's man enough to say it face to face then over the phone.

Jay bursted into laughter!!! "Are you refering to Tevin... as a man"

The room laughed.

"Shut up bitches!" Said Tevin as he jumped onto the couch with Danita and Jay.

Andre pushed the kitchen door open and said, "Diggy, your frat brothers are about to leave. They are heading to the hotel."

Diggy laughed, "Well I guess that end my trip."

Tevin responded, "If you want to stay longer, I'll take you home to the hotel"

Diggy: I thought you took Kel's car.

Tevin: I don't think Kel would mind... right Kel?

Kel: Yes, I do mind. 

Jay: Does this always have to be awkward, just let him chill, damn?!

Rachel: Kel come on?!

Kel proclaimed, " No! I need my car."

Diggy stood up and yelled at Kel,  "You're such a fucking arrogant bitch!"

Kel jumped up and quickly yelled, "Shut the fuck up hoe!"

Diggy: HOE?!

Kel: Damn always kissing something... and yes your a Dirty HOE!

Diggy looked at Tevin. Tevin looked at Diggy. Diggy  walked over to Kel and got in his face. 

"Call me a dirty hoe, again!" 

Kel: Demetreus, you are a dirty hoe!

Diggy quickly slapped him hard across the face.

Jay said "DAAAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMMM!!" as he and Danita jumped up in excitement!

Kel gripped Diggy's arm as everyone stood up and starting yelling. 

Diggy: Get off of me!

Kel yanked Diggy's arm and dragged him outside of the apartment. As he walked away, he yelled. "WE NEED TO TALK, NOW!"

The End

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