The Brownstone StoopMature

1 hour later...

Ariel and Kel parked the car in front of Malik's apartment. The rain started to subsided, and they approached Malik's apartment.  Ariel kissed Kel on his lips at the bottom of the stoop.

Diggy and Tevin came outside of the apartment and caught eyes with the public display of affection between both Kel and Ariel.

Ariel smiled and Kel led her up the stairs.

Kel: Hello gentlemen...

Ariel nodded and waved. Kel ignored Diggy.

Tevin: Hi guys!

Diggy: Hello...

Diggy turned his head away from Kel and Ariel. Kel bypassed Diggy and walked inside.


Tevin was confused why Kel and Diggy reacted that way.

Tevin: Um, what the fuck was that about?

Diggy: (acting confused) What? What happened? (He tied his scarf)

Tevin: (assertive) Don't play dumb, bitch. That was mad awkward just now.

Diggy: (assertive) I don't know... ask him.

Tevin: hmmmmm this is not cute.

Diggy: Your telling me.

Tevin: Well he was smiling when he was talking to you earlier.

Diggy: (confused) What are you talking about?

Tevin: In the hospital, I knew he was talking to you.

Diggy: (chuckling) why you say that?

Tevin: Because he was watching you from the window.

Diggy: (surprised) He was?!

Tevin: (lovey-dovey) It was cute... 

Diggy: Wow, that bitch....

Tevin: (giggling) Yea, he looked really happy. Oh wait... 

Diggy: (starting rubbing his hands together) What?

Tevin: Was he coming to get you? Were you caught in the storm?

Diggy: Yeah, I fell early, and I got caught drenched in the rain. But he told me he was going to come get me, but he cancelled on me. Thats when I called you.

Tevin: He definitely came to get you.

Diggy: (frustrated) Well he didn't and the way he canceled over the phone... Ugh!  I should have known... ugh he would have done that!

Tevin: Men will be men... are you going to talk to him?

Diggy: Probably not. I just want to have a drama free night.

Tevin: Yea, I understand.

They stood in silence for a couple of moments. Diggy started to chatter his teeth. Tevin walked up behind Diggy and hugged him.

Tevin: Are you cold?

Diggy: Yeah, you're very warm.

Tevin held Diggy tightly.

Diggy: Thank you Tev. This feels good.

Tevin turned to Diggy, and said "Can I ask you something?"

Diggy turned to face Tevin, and responded, "Yeah, anything."

Tevin: I know this is weird... but can I kiss you?

Diggy smiled and looked Tevin in his eyes. Tevin moved in slowly and gently pressed his lips against Diggy's. His hand gripped the back of Diggy's head as he bit his lip. Diggy's hands were gently pressed against Tevin's face. Then Malik's door opened and Kel and Ariel saw the whole act. Ariel tugged on Kel, (to leave them alone) and Kel slowly shut the door back.

The End

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