Stubborn PeopleMature

Kel and Ariel ran out to her car. Tevin and the rest of the fraternity brothers ran over to Kel's car. Ariel drove her car a couple of blocks. The rain was heavy and hard to see.

"Stop!" said Kel, as she hit her brakes.

Kel pointed to the tree that fell in the road. 

"Damn!" said Kel and Ariel. 

Kel picked up his phone and called Diggy. Ariel turned to Kel, as he listened to the dial tone.

"I can't reach him!" Said Kel, "Why does he have to be so damn stubborn!"

Kel instructed Ariel wait here... as he darted out of the car. He climbed over the tree and ran down the street.  As he was running, he didn't understand what the emergency was... why was he running to get this man that broke his heart months ago. He let his subconscious take over and as he got closer and closer to the destination, he realize what he was doing. 

He stood underneath a store's porch. He called Diggy's phone.

Diggy: Hello?

Kel: Are you okay?

Diggy: I tried to get up, and I fell. Thats why I didn't pick up the first time for you.

Kel: I'm not coming to get you.

Diggy: What?!

Kel: I will send someone else.

Diggy: Um, wow... um...

Kel: Yeah, I know... I'm sorry. That was my bad.

Diggy: Oh, I understand...

Kel: Have a good night.

Kel hung up the phone. Kel walked out from the cover of the porch and watched Diggy rubbing his leg on the brownstone stoop. The rain was dripping off of Kel's face as he ran towards Ariel's car.

The End

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