Kel's CarMature

Tevin walked over to the waiting area to find Kel window watching.

Tevin: Kel?

Kel: Hold on, one second. ---- (he put down his cell phone and turned to Tevin) Yes?

Tevin: Can you take people home in your car?

Kel: Yeah, that will be fine. I can fit up to 5 people in my car.

Tevin: Thank you and by the way, (smiling) its nice to see you smiling again. You've been smiling ever since you been watching the rain.

Kel: (smiling) So you been watching me... 

Tevin: Well, I was worried about you.

Kel: Thanks, but I'm good. When do you want to go?

Tevin: I'll go get them.

Kel put Diggy back on the phone.

Kel: Hello?

Diggy: Yeah...

Kel: Are you okay?

Kel leaned against the window and looked for Diggy. He was no longer on the bench.

Diggy: Yeah. Thank you for trying to help me.

Kel: Are you still at the hospital?

Diggy: No... I left. 

Kel: Do you know your way around New York?

Diggy: (hesitated) Um... actually no...

Kel: Well, come back to the hospital. 

Diggy: I don't want to bother with Malik,  he sounds chaotic. 

Kel: (chuckling) Yeah, he is. But everyone is going back to his house. And its getting late and pretty bad out there with the storm, and I think you should go with Malik, rather than roam the streets of Brooklyn.

Diggy: I guess your right. The only problem is.... I don't know where I am now.

Kel: (laughing) You would get yourself lost. I'm going to come get you. 

Diggy: Y-y-you?

Kel: Um, yeah. Is that okay? Or would you rather have Malik and his hyper ass come get you.

Diggy: (laughing) You are so right. Well I am on a corner.

Kel: I need a little bit more than that.

Diggy: Oh sorry... Um I'm near a Rosco's Corner Store, but its raining too hard for me to see the street sign.

Kel: Damn, you walk fast! Thats like a couple of blocks from here...  but I know where you are. I'm coming. 

Diggy: (giggling) Yeah, I walk fast and thank you. 

Kel: I got you. Bye...

Diggy: Bye...

Kel hung up the phone and grabbed his keys from the jacket.  Tevin walked up to Kel.

Tevin: We are ready to go!

Kel: Um... something else came up...

Tevin: Is everything okay?

Kel: Yeah, how bout this... take my keys, and take the guys to Malik's place and then come back and get me.

Tevin: You sure?

Kel: Yeah, I have to go get someone, they got caught in the storm.

Tevin: (sarcastically) Who would go out in this storm?

Kel: (laughing) Someone that don't got no sense... and from Philly.

Kel pushed the ground floor button for the elevator and ran into Ariel.

Ariel: Hey baby!

Kel: Um, wassup! What are you doing here?

Ariel: Jay said everyone was here, so I came to show support. Are you leaving?

Kel: Yeah, one of my friends got caught in the storm. But Malik could use your help upstairs.

Ariel: Okay that will be great. 

The 2nd elevator door opened, and Tevin and four of Malik's fraternity brothers came outside.

They all thanked Kel, and Tevin said, "We will be right back for you Kel."

Ariel turned to Kel and said, "How are you going to help your friend, if Tevin has your keys?"

Kel: I was going to walk?

Ariel: You can't... I just came from out there... its bad. The crazy part about it, it just got like this 10 minutes ago.

Kel: Well I have to get him.

Ariel: We can both get him...

Tevin looked at Kel. 

Kel: Um, But I think Malik needs you more. Um...

Ariel: Kel, if you go out there... I'ma come with you!

Kel looked at Tevin. Kel looked frustrated.

Kel: Then come on, lets go.

The End

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