Window WatchingMature

Kel walked through the hallways of the hospital. The others were in front of him. Malik checks in with the receptionist  and the others walk towards a room. Kel stayed back and watched.

Kel walked in front of the window and watched Malik connect with his fraternity brothers. He opened his cell phone and checked his voice mails.

Tevin came outside of the room. 

"You okay?" said Tevin.

Kel responded, "Yeah, I'm cool. Y'all good?"

"Everybody is going to be okay." 

"Well that's good."

"Did you want to go inside?" 

"Naw, I'm good. But I am glad everybody is okay."

"I'm going to go check on Malik and the boys."

"Okay." Kel responded as he watched Tevin walk away.

Kel walked over to the waiting area and sat down. He twiddled his fingers as he waited for everyone. He looked up to the receptionist and saw Demetreus filling out forms. Kel was caught off guard. He wasn't expecting to see him.  He looked over his body to see bruises on his face and hands. He felt bad for Demetreus (Diggy) but tried not to show emotion. 

Diggy limped away from the desk and Kel sadly watched. Kel got up from the seat and leaned against the window. He saw Diggy fall in the rain and get up. He felt horrible, that something like this happened. He watched Diggy sit on the bench and watched him sob. 


"My leg hurts," muttered Diggy as he rubbed his leg. He wiped the mud off his jeans. He opened his umbrella and leaned the opened umbrella against the bench. Diggy opened up his cell phone and called Malik.


Kel looked at his phone to see Diggy calling. Kel hesitated.

Tevin walked outside of the room to see Kel in the waiting room. 

Kel picked up the phone.

Diggy: (whining) Malik?! I hurt myself and I am upset.

Kel: Are you? (smirked)

Diggy: (confused) oh my goodness!

Kel looked at Diggy through the window. He laughed at Diggy's facial expression. He was freaking out.

Kel: (laughing) its okay. I can go get Malik.

Diggy: (embarrassed)  Sorry! I thought I was calling him and thank you.

Kel: Your okay.

Kel watched Diggy through the window. Diggy looked really embarrassed but Kel found it cute that he react that way. Kel walked over to Malik that was standing along the receptionist desk arguing with Andre.

Malik: Chill Andre!! I understand!

Andre: DO NOT speak to me like that!

Kel: (concerned) What's going on?!

Andre: They are about to release everyone and we have no way for them to get home. And Malik is dramatic.

Malik: It isn't that! I am just fluster! 

Andre: Well let someone help you!

Kel: Well you have a phone call.

Malik: Can you take it?!

Kel: Its your fraternity brother and he needs you... not me.

Malik: Tell him I will call him back. I got to much going on...

Andre: This isn't that deep, just chill, we will find a way for them to get home.

Malik: Can you give me some room?

Andre: Fine!

Andre stormed away.

Kel: Just breathe homie, I have a car. I can take people home.

Malik: I have us 5. and then 8 of my fraternity brothers and I can't find Demetreus.

Kel: Well Deme...

Malik: (interrupted) I don't want to hear your smart jokes about him! I got to fine another car.

Malik walked across the hall and Kel walked back towards the window.

Kel: Diggy, you still there?

Diggy: Yeah, I am... and I heard everything Malik said...

The End

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