The GrandMature

Kel opened the door to see Malik sitting against the holding cell. Kel frozed to see Malik with bruises, cuts, ripped up clothes and several injuries. He ran up to the holding cell.

"Malik..." said Kel.

Malik opened one of his eyes. A small smile crept on his face.

"They tried to kill me" said Malik.

Kel stuck his hand through the bars, and gently felt Malik's face. He gently touched his swollen eye. Kel never saw Malik or anyone like this. He started to cry as Malik and him touched.

Kel responded, "I'm sorry I left you. I couldn't be there, it was too much"

Malik responded, "I know, I understand."

"Do you really?!"

"I do. Vagina is more important than me"

"No! Its not!"

"Then what were you doing last night, that stopped you from having my back last night! That stopped you from being behind this cell with me?"

Kel started to get emotional. The officer in the room watched carefully.

"I love you Malik, please don't do that"

Malik turned, "FINE MIKHAEL, I won't do that too you. But while you had some dry ass pussy, I got my ass kicked last night."

Kel shook his head with disbelief.

Kel responded, "Who did this to you!"



"Ross!! As soon as the party was over, they started calling us faggots, and almost started to riot. Ross and his boys really did some damage last night."

Kel sat down trying to wrap his head around these facts.

Malik continued, "They sent a lot of people to the hospital, including some of my frat brothers."

Kel sat there in awe and then minutes later responded, "Are they charging you?"

Malik said, "No, it was self defense, well maybe, but I may be in here for 2 weeks or I have to get someone to pay bail."

Kel responded, "How much is bail?"

Malik scoffed, "a grand."

Kel responded, "I got you." Kel opened up his wallet and wrote a check for a grand.

Malik was shocked, "What are you doing? A grand?"

Kel proclaimed, "I am your brother, and I love you, money is not an issue. I wasn't there for you last night, but I will be by yourside for ever."

The End

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