Bright FeathersMature

Kel opened the door to the police station. He walked through the hallway towards the main counter.

Kel said, "Hello officer."

"Hello, what can I do for you?" Said the officer.

"I- I am here for um..." Kel started to fumble over his words.

"Yes, what are you here for?"

"Um, yea" Kel started to rub the back of his head with his left hand. "Um, there was a fight tonight?"

"Yes, there were a couple of fights?"

"Um... at a club?"

"Yeah, there were several."

"g-g-g ... ga- ga"

The police officer interupted, "Gay club? The fight at the Man Cave?"


The cop laughed, "your here for that?"

"Yeah, where is it?" said Kel.

"Don't you see the feathers on the floor" laughed the officers.

Kel gave him a glare, "Um why are you laughing?!"

"Just go see your boys." He continued to laugh.

"Their aren't my boys. One is my brother" 

"Oh well, in that case, right in room D002."

Kel turned the corner to see a few brightly colored feathers laying on the floor. He looked around to see the facility packed with people. He walked up to an officer.

"Sorry, Can you help me for a second?" said Kel.

She knodded and he asked, "I'm looking for the people that were involved in the fight last night at the Man Cave?"

"Oh the homosexuals."

He cocked his head... and said, "Um..."

She pointed to Doo2.

Kel walked away feeling some sort of way. He opened the door to see Rachel pacing.

"Mikhael!" said Rachel as she ran up to hug him.

"I'm sorry, that I wasn't here sooner, but how are you?" said Kel.

Andre, Jay, Tevin and Danita were all sitting in the room. They all hugged Kel.

Andre hugged Kel last, "Prepare yourself before you see him."

Kel opened another door, and literally froze.

The End

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