Ariel didn't want to leave him. They sat in her apartment's parking lot.

"I'm not leaving you!" She said, as she held his cheek. "Just tell me what is going on?!"

"I'm okay Ariel. I can handle this. You can go."  He uttered.

Kel still appeared to be shaking, when his cell phone rang. He looked down to see his best friend Rachel calling. Ariel sat in the car with him and watched him take the call.

"Hello?!" said Kel.

"Hey Kel" Rachel said.

"You upset. Are you okay?"

"Yea, did you hear what happened at Malik's party last night?!"

"Yeah, I did. I'm - I don't know what to do?"

"Well its pretty messed up. And what do you mean, you don't know what to do?"

"Ray, I don't know."

"You should be here, with me and him."

"I can't look at him"

"He told me you left last night? Why did you leave him?"

"I was looking for him... I only saw him for a brief moment."

"You are his best friend! You need to be here!"

Kel was silent on the phone. He asked Ariel to leave the car. She kissed him on his lips and went into her apartment.

"I'm stuck Ray." Kel continued.

"Kel, listen you know I love you for you right! You know that we have been friends for life, right and throughout everything I was here for you, right or wrong."


"Kel, these are lives that have been attacked, and these are lives that will affect our lives. These lives are apart of us. We have to be there."

Kel responded inn disbelief, "I closed that chapter Ray. I can't make up my mind... I don't know what to do."

"Trust God and trust within your heart."

Tear drops started to fall from his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling in his car.

"I can't...."

"You can... but what your really telling me is that you won't."


"Everything is a choice, Mikhael ... and if your not willing to fight this battle, as your friend, I will stand by your decision. But as for me, as a person, I will take a stand!"

Kel stared into the street with a disdained facial expression on his face. His tears started to lay on his cheek.

"Are you crying, Mikhael?" Rachel said.

"Yeah" Kel's voice begain horse, "the first  time in a while. I faked sex today too, and now I'm crying. Its a day of first."

"Well, look at you! You faked it during sex. Really?! Why?!"

"She just wasn't getting it... but for me to nut, I thought about Diggy, and I came faster."

"You still thinking about him?!"

"I am!" He said, as he started to rub his eyes.

"Then why don't you go? You know he was involved with the incident?"

"I can't go because he is there. I can't see him. I cannot face him. I won't see him Rachel!"

"Oh I see..."

"I know, I'm a bitch."

"Yes ... but thats the same reason, why Diggy didn't want to come yesterday, but he did."


"Yes, he needed to be by Malik's side, as being his fraternity brother, and you need to by his side, as his original and closest best friend."

Kel rubbed his face and released a loud groan.

Rachel responded, "You okay?"

Kel wiped away his tears and said, "I'm on my way. Thank you Ray."

"I knew you would make the best decision!"


The End

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