"Marvin and Chardonnay " by Big Sean played in the background of Kel's apartment at 3:30am.

He looked down between his legs and saw  her head moving back and forth. He felt tingy sensations shooting up his leg. His body was getting stiff. His eyes started to roll in the back of his eyes. He looked down again as his eyes started to get glossy.

"You like this babe?" muffled Ariel. He whispered, "Get on my shit! Take it!

Kel gripped her head with his left hand and shoved her head deeper on him. Kel felt it, all of it! The sensations of her mouth on his body started to drive him crazy.

"Say it" she muffled again.

"Dig..Ariel!!! Go harder!" He uttered. Kel's  body stretched out and he exploded.

Kel said after she finished, "Damn, that shit was good."

"Yeah, I haven't got any complaints."

She got up and wiped her face with a cloth, and she walked to the bathroom. As soon as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door, he finished jerking. He heard the water running, and he started to go harder, he thought to himself:

"Damn, the first time I had to fake it in a while."

He quietly moaned as he released his actual load onto his bedsheets in his apartment. A couple of minutes later, she came out of the bathroom and he was spreading fresh new sheet down on his bed.

She laid in his bed and said, "It was a good night! Sex in the car, sex on the ride to your apartment and sex in your bed."

She laid up against him, and he agreed, "It was a good night, I just hope Malik isn't mad at me."


At 9:10am, Kel woke up and left Ariel in the bed. He checked his voicemail machine to hear disturbing voicemails. He started to freak out as he heard his bestfriend Malik very upset and frustrated on the phone. Kel ran into the bedroom to find some clothes. He couldn't believe what has happened!

Ariel woke up and said, "Baby, you okay?!"

Kel frantically searched for clothes.

She repeated, "Is everything okay! Baby, you okay?!"

Kel tossed on a shirt and some jeans and said, "No, I'm not okay!"

He tossed Ariel, her clothes... and yelled, "PUT YA SHIT ON!"

She jumped up, very confused and started collecting all her belongings.

Kel started to get very disheveled. He grabbed his keys, "I gotta drop you home! Come on I'm having an emergency!"

She grabbed her stuff, and slipped her dress back on.

As Kel started to walk down to his car, he started to hyperventilate.

"I can't take this." He stutter as he tried to check his emotions.

"Calm down, Kel!" Ariel said as she fanned him down. "I'll drive home, you sit in the passangers seat". Ariel sat him in the car, and she drove them to her house.

Kel started to get light headed, as he repeated, "I should have stayed last night! Why did I leave him!"

The End

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