Down For ItMature

At 12:35am

The crowd was loud and the music was blazing through out the club. Half dressed men flooded into the hallways while women fully covered in flexible material was flipping through out the aisles.

Mikhael and Ariel walked into the vibrant club , intoxicated and very much into each other. "Down for Whatever" by Kelly Rowland was playing in the background.

"I'm ready to go!" Ariel slurred in Kel's ear.

"What do you mean?! We just got here, maybe 15 minutes ago!" said Kel as he swung her into his arms.

"I want you now! Take me!" She said as she started to suck on his earlobes. He flinched as she sent chills down his spine.

Kel responded, "Ariel, let me find Malik first."

"I know you want this pussy! I want you NOW! Take me now, or take me home!"

"Ariel, I gotta get Malik. He doesn't even know I'm here."

Ariel pulled away from him.

"Do you want me or not?!"  She firmly said.

Kel quickly responded as he grabbed around her waist.

"Yeah, baby... let me just tell him,  that I'm here."

Kel looked up and saw Malik! He pointed at him and yelled his name, but the music was too loud and Malik didn't hear him. Ariel grabbed Kel's keys and started to stumble towards the door. Malik looked down from the balcony and saw Kel following a girl to the door.

Outside of the club:

"What the fuck are you doing?" He said as he opened the car door and  tried to grab the keys.

"I want penis! and I want it NOW!!!"  She screamed as her legs clamped onto his waist.

Kel reached over her to grabbed the car keys when he found her lips kissing his.

"Listen, Ariel, we really need to get back in there!" Kel proclaimed as he crawled on top of her and falling deeper into her kiss. 

She reclined the driver's seat chair and he climbed on top of her. She slammed the car door with her foot. She pulled down her panties as his fingers inserted in her. His car windows started to fog up and the vehicle started to move from side to side in a steady motion.

"ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yesss KEL" she screamed as he started to eat her out.

She clutched the seats as she began to feel every stroke of his tongue. He reached into his glove compartment and grab the magnum condom out.

"I hope your ready for the beast"

The End

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