Matching ShirtMature

Kel walked into the H&M store and was greeted from an employee. Kel walked over to the adult men section and picked out a shirt.

"That looks good on you," said a woman employee.

"Oh thanks" said Kel.

Kel looked up to match eyes with a beautiful woman with mahogany brown eyes.

"Black and gold looks good on you," she continued.

"You look good on me" whispered Kel.

"I agree" she said as she turned her head.

Kel  laughed. "Very nice, but you weren't supposed to hear me."

She laughed and said, "But I did, and I liked what I heard."

Kel responded, "Well, then  beautiful young lady, what is your name?"

"Well thank you, My name is Ariel."

"Hi Ariel, My name is Mikhael, but everyone calls me Kel."

"Well I like that Kel, and I like that shirt on you."

"Yeah, I'm going to my best friend party tonight, I gotta look good"

"Well you already look good without the shirt, it will just exemplify it."

"Well thank you. I think I'll get this shirt in every color then."

The both laughed, and he responded, "Well what are you doing tonight?"

"Ummm, probably chilling with my girls."

"Well, would you like to come out with me tonight?"

"I would, especially with you."

"But I have to warn you, my best friend is gay, and its at a gay club."

"Really! You have a gay best friend?"

"Yeah, we've been friends even before he was gay and love that man as if he was my brother."

"That really nice, and yeah, I would love that! I'll meet you here tonight."

"Then its a date!"

"I look forward to it."

Kel took his shirt to the check out stand. He stood in line behind two other people to see  Jaymuel in front of him. His eyes got big when he realized that Jay was the over-the-top gay that liked him. He turned to walk away when he heard his name:

"Mikhael Johnson!" said Jaymuel.

"Oh hello!" Said Kel.

"How are you boo-boo!" He said as he walked over to give Kel a hug.

"I'm doing okay, gearing up for Malik's party tonight."

"You are going!!! REALLY!" Jay said as he literally jumped for joy.

"You can stop that." Kel interjected.

"Oh sorry! I got a little excited! I'ma look soooooooooooooooooooo good tonight! Your gonna LOVE it!!"

"Oh thats nice! Yeah me and my date will also be looking great too!"

"Your date?!"

"Yeah, isn't she beautiful." Kel said as he pointed to Ariel helping out another customer.

"Oh Ariel... that bitch." Jay interjected.

"Hahaha, you don't like her?! She is beautiful, and my date for tonight."

"Oh so you have decided to go the straight path."

Kel dodged his statement, and answered: "Well I gotta go! I'll see you tonight."

Jay waved as he glared at Ariel.

As Kel walked away, he thought: "Damn, this could be a problem"

The End

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