The Brooklyn Boy 2Mature

Brooklyn Boy 2 continues the story of a Xzavion Mikhael Johnson (Kel) , a reformed Brooklyn thug turned college graduate on his path of learning about himself.
Over the next couple of months, Kel will face troubles, joys, experiences and dilemmas as he walks through life, as we all do. The grand question is: Which would you chose, your dreams or your fantasies?

He woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. As his eyes began to focus, he realize that it was 9:06am on a Saturday morning. He shifted his body to the right, to see his son, Jaiden clutching onto his teddy bear. He started to stare at the ceiling.

"Another day..." he whispered to himself.

He gently removed the sheets from his body and went into the bathroom.

An hour later:

He gave Jaiden another blueberry pancake.

"I like this daddy,"  said Jaiden.

"Thanks Jai, eat up before your mom comes," responded Kel.

The door bell ranged.

Kel jumped up, walked over to it and opened the door.

"Hello Mikhael?" said Alyssa.

"Hello Alyssa" said Mikhael.

"Where is my son?" said Alyssa. She tried to look past Kel.

Jaiden ran over to his mother.

"Mommy!!" said Jaiden as she embraced his hug.

"Hey baby boy, you got your bags?" said Alyssa.

Kel grabbed Jaiden's stuff that was by the door, and took it out to her car. Alyssa followed behind him holding Jaiden. She passed Jaiden to Kel. Alyssa opened the driver's door as Kel lifted Jaiden into the backseat.

Kel faced her, "Be careful with my son! Don't be driving all crazy!"

Alyssa responded, "Get out of my face, and he's my son too." She turned to Jaiden, as she snapped on his seat belt. "Tell daddy bye-bye!"

Jaiden and Kel hugged, and then he closed the door.

"I love you daddy!" said Jaiden.

"I love you too Jai! Buckle up and I'll see you soon. Take care of mommy and stay tough, lil' man." Kel said as Alyssa turned on the car. She drove off and Kel went back into the house.

He closed and locked the door. Kel exhaled and tossed off his shirt. He grabbed his cell phone as he headed towards his room.

"November 16... damn its Malik's birthday today." He said to himself. "Damn, I miss chilling with that dude. Maybe its time for me to walk back in his life."

Kel sat down by his computer, and checked Malik's twitter account.

@SexyLeek23: Yo My Bday Party izzzz TONITE! COME THRU! I'm 25! Let's party hard! Go Hard or Go Home! Party at the Man Cave!!

Kel thought to himself, "He's having his birthday party at a gay club?!?"

@SexyLeek23: My Gays are throwing me a gay party at the Man Cave... My str8 homiez are throwing me a party next weekend at the Black Box... I need my friends to help me shut down both partiez... More info hit up my cell or tweet me!!

Kel thought to himself: "Wow, I haven't seen Malik since that incident down in Philly months ago. Am I ready? Even though we rarely talk, he is still my best friend! I should go... hmmmm maybe I shouldn't.  I'm not gay... but I am comfortable in my own-self... well I'm learning to be."

Kel ran upstairs and grabbed his keys. He laid in his bed and dialed Malik's number.

Malik- Hello?

Kel- Hello...

Malik- Kel?!

Kel- Yeah, its me! How you been?

Malik- Whoa, I can't believe its really you?! How is your hibernation period going?

Kel- Haha... I just needed to think a little bit. But happy birthday bro!

Malik- You remembered!!! Thanks man!

Kel- And I'll be there tonight, by the way.

Malik- At the gay club?!?!

Kel- Yeah man, I love you that much!

Malik- Man, that makes me so happy!

Kel- I'm sorry that I haven't spoken to you in a while...

Malik- Its okay! I gotta go! But I cannot wait to see you tonight! Its one of the best birthday gifts that you could have given to me!

Kel- You are my best friend, love you man. Bye!

Malik- Bye...

The End

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