The Brooklyn BoyMature

A recent college graduate taking on the world with his child right beside him. He must balance distractions with top priorities and possibly find someone in the process. Is he ready for what the universe will send him?

The doors of the gold line train opened and he walked out. The brisk cold air slammed against his skin through his peacoat. He still had his scrubs on from work, with his leather boots for the snow and his favorite cap that his mom gave him on.

He walked calmly to his apartment located by Brooklyn College, on Flatbush Avenue. He looked around cautiously and enter his apartment.

His apartment was decorated in his favorite colors; red, black and gold. Black carpet, black furniture, with red pillows & pictures framed in gold. His 3 bedroom apartment consists of a kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, living room and dining room. He loved his apartment; it was a gift from his father. He recently graduated from a private university, and now can provide him and his son, Jaiden, a beautiful place to call his own.

He jumped in the shower, washed, pressed and dressed in two hours. He is a little high maintenance but he makes up with it in his style and  personality.

He noticed that his peacoat was missing a button, so he couldn't tighten it all the way. Rocking a red fitted cap, fitting jeans, red polo shirt and his new red leather Rocawear boots, he was on his way.

"Hey Mr. Johnson! said Olivia.

"Hello, Miss O" he said as he past by her house and headed towards the school.

Olivia gets on my nerves, always so damn perky; he thought.

Mr. Johnson was always moving, always had to be somewhere, sometime. Never really having time for himself, but in his eyes, it wasn't about him.

I have bills that need to paid, loans that need repaying, work to finish, appointments & paper work to complete, food to cook, watch my son, laundry to wash, get my clothes out of the cleaners, get to work on time...


"Xavier? Xavier? Mr. Johnson?" she said.

"Oh... huh?" he responded.

"Xavier?! Are you okay?!" she repeated.

"Oh... yeah... well its X-zav-ion.."


"Xzavion Johnson... thats my name, X-zav-ion!?

"Oh um..."

"Just call me Mikhael... it looks like Michael but its Mik-hail... get it?"

"Complicated..." she said as she rolled her eyes.

"And who are you?" he sighed.

"I'm Jaiden's new teacher, Miss Veca Decker,  are you his brother? Where is his mother?"

"No, I'm his father, and I am a single parent."

"Oh you look so young..."

"Okay your the teacher, where is my son?" Mikhael said, as he brushed past her.

"Mr. Johnson, he is in detention."

"What?! He's in what? What did he do?"

"He is very disrespectful, he punch another student in his face."

"Oh my boy!" Mikhael laughed, but then serious, "I will give him a talking too."

"Mr. Johnson, this is no laughing matter, your son is.."

"Miss Durker, Delter... I understand the matter at hand..." He grabbed Jaiden's hand, "I will talk to him, but this unnecessary conversation that we are having right now is taking up too much of my precious time. "He slid Jaiden's jacket, gloves and boots on. "He is my son, and I will handle it. Thank you for your time and nice meeting you." He said as they brushed past her again towards the exit.

The End

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