Storming the Castle

The doors opened revealing a courtyard, which mysteriously was empty. They went in slowly, checking their corners.

"Hmm, empty" whispered Frank, "Lets get looking around"

Every part of the castle was checked over, from top to bottom, the castle was empty.

Alex and Dutch was in the throne room, when Zoe walked in.

"Nothing, at all" she moaned

"There will be a way into the tunnels, dont you worry" Alex smiled, "Found it"

She set a demolition charge onto the throne, and ran back. After the explosion the huge hole in the wall where the throne was, now revealed a tunnel. The tunnel was covered in creep.

"Whos first?" asked Dutch

"Um... you?" said Alex, walking behind Dutch, Dutch rolled his eyes and sighed. Walking towards the entrance of the tunnel.

They could hear many noises coming from deeper within the tunnel, the sounds of the Zerg were so unique you could tell which one could be waiting around the corner.

They came up to a 3 ways split corridor, so Dutch went left, Zoe went down the middle, Alex and Frank went right.

The End

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