A Fine Day to Die

The zerglings were advancing slowly, and fear was running through the marines up front. Nobody really wanted to die, they had families back home.

They waited for the Zerg to get a little bit closer, so that commander Bradley's plan could be executed. When the zerglings got within range of a clear sniper shot he called the action.

The siege tanks shot at the ultralisks, aiming for the head thus killing them instantly. The zerglings at that point began to run, and when they were close enough the shot gunners fired, clearing out a good portion of the attackers. After that the riflemen opened fire, after the first clip already the numbers seemed to be diminishing. As both the shot gunners and riflemen reloaded the snipers took over, taking out the Zerg one by one. Everything seemed to go well, without a casualty.

That was until the hydralisks had them within range, the hydralisks opened fire, clearing out a line of riflemen behind the shot gunners. The other riflemen where overwhelmed by fear and just opened fire at the hydralisks.

"No, you idiots!" shouted Bradley "Oh fine, all men fire at will, if your so eager to die!"

Frank put his hand in his pocket, and took out a picture of his family, with only his mother and brother left, he swore that he wouldn't let another one of them die. He put the picture back, loaded his pulse rifle and ran out at the enemy.

"What is he doing!" shouted Bradley
"Being brave thats what!" replied Dutch, who was next to follow him out
"I cant believe I'm doing this" said Zoe to Alex, as she ran out with Alex following close.

They charged in, shooting with pinpoint accuracy, pushing the Zerg back at a steady rate. "Men, follow them in!" ordered Bradley. The entire marine formation marched forward, avoiding all the dead bodies on the floor.

They approached the castle with caution, as they didn't know what the defenses could do.

When the marines reached the ramp to get up to the castle, they had all stopped.

"Come on, what are we waiting for? We got a war to win!" said a marine as he ran for wards to wards the open gates.

Then a huge tentacle launched from the ground, ejecting a spine from its tip impaling the marine then bringing him down at a high speed smashing him to the floor.

When the marine hit the floor more Zerg came out of the ground. A lot of zerglings with an ultralisk and a few hydralisks. The snipers picked them off with ease.

"Alright, there is two types of defense colonies" explained Alex "Sunken and Spore, Sunken colonies are the huge tentacle ones, they are land defenses, they cannot detect stealth however. Spore colonies are anti air and they can detect stealth. Spore and Sunken colonies are easy to tell apart as one is a small flat one and the other is quite a tall slim one"

"Send in the spec op team" said Bradley
"Ghost going in" said the spec op team leader as they ran forward in stealth mode. "OK we seem to be safe at the moment, so that means there isn't any Spore colonies nearby. Get charges on those Sunken colonies" ordered the leader to his squad.

When the colonies exploded they noticed that the purple goo, that was always around all Zerg 'buildings' started retreating back wards.

"Its only creep, its a useless substance which only boosts the Zerg structure growth" said Alex "Whose first in the castle?"

The End

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