It took around a day or two to reach Earth, and when they did they could see UPM ships everywhere. They had an incoming transmission.

"This is commander Bradley, nice to see you could make it Harriet" said Bradley
"This is what we've been waiting for all our days in the service commander, i wouldn't miss it" replied Harriet
"Well then, we have found her, but it wont be easy, she is currently underground and the only way in is by the heavily fortified castle overrun by Zerg forces" explained Bradley "Not only that, but we dont know what the tunneling systems look like, it could take you days before you could find her, and so by going in there, you are most likley not going to return"
"Its a risk i am willing to take... sir" said Frank
"Good, Harriet get your men down there, and we will further the breifing, Bradley out"

The Dawn had landed on Earth and the entire ships crew came out, all ready for battle. Harriet walked over to the commander who was also on the surface.

"Ah Harriet, there you are" he said "Well, the entire planet has been scouted, this castle is the only way in"
"Good, so shes cornered?" asked Harriet
"No she couldnt be, how did she build the tunnels so quickly in the first place, there are tunnelers down there too, thus she will have a plan B up her sleeve"
"Just give me a gun and ill put a clip in her head" said Frank
"Now thats the spirit" shouted Bradley gleefully "We will give you all the support we can, we cannot just blow up the castle as the rubble will collapse over the only entrance we have. Not only that but stealth isnt an option either, they have defences that can detect stealth... good luck"

Frank took his gun, and continued to walk over to Dutch, Zoe and Alex. "Guys, if i die today, make sure atleast that Kerrigan dies"
Alex looked him in the eyes, and put her hand on his shoulder. "I promise that she will die, by someones hands"

The castle doors began to open slowly, the dust coming off due to the castles age. Then a Zerg army marched out of the gates. Zerglings up front in box formations with Ultralisks in the middle of the box. Hydralisks up back for ranged support and mutalisks flying overhead.

The castle itself was on a island, but the water around it is gone and so there is just a rock with a ramp going up to it. The battle was taking place in a canyon.

"Snipers out back, close ranged people get up front and crouch, marines behind them with your rifles and get ready to open fire on my mark. Seige tanks aim primarily for the ultralisks and support our men whenever possible. Anti air tanks keep your eyes on the skies not the ground make sure no mutalisks get any shots on our men" shouted Bradley

The siege tanks where just normal moving tanks apart from they could deploy anywhere they wanted to turn into a long range siege weapon. Through the sides came some metal hinges that acted like legs and went into the ground and the cannon came out and it made the tank become like a seige weapon.

"This is a fine day to die" whipered Frank to himself 

The End

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