Il Ritorno

"That explosion reminds me, arent we supposed to stop the earth from blowing up, instead of going on a little space adventure?" asked Frank, as he walks over to his dorm door, and makes his way to Harriets room.

Harriet did have her armour on, just her normal clothes which where just a plain white T-shirt and light blue jeans. She had dark green eyes and long wavy brown hair. Her face was clear and smooth.

"Harriet..." said Frank "i really do need to go back to Earth, i still have a duty there you know"
Harriet just sighed, looked at him in the eyes and said "look, we need someone like you and your team, how long do you think it will be until you could come back?"
"Well, the Lotoss and the Zerg have quite a heavy foothold on Earth, i dont see why you cant help us with that"
"We cant, Earth is out of our assigned sector, we just heard your distress call and so it is within UPM regulations that we go to help you" Harriet sighed again "We can take you back there if you want"
"My father died defending that planet, and i need to avenge him... I know that the queen of the Zerg is there"
Harriets face immediatly looked into Franks and had the look of a serious matter. "The Zerg queen?" she asked hastily
"Yes the queen"
"We are going to Earth straight away, i will alert UPM command immediatly, we have been searching Kerrigan for years"

Harriet rushed over to the radio and called in the discovery and not only was she to help them, but the UPM were that dedicated to getting rid of her, they are sending an entire division to Earth to clear it out of Zerg enemies.

"Now thats progress" said Frank joyfully
"I guess so, would you know her exact location?" asked Harriet
"Im afriad not, i just know that shes there"

Harriet went to the war-room and called in the entire ship, it took around 5 minutes for them all to get there.

"Sorry to wake you up boys, but something has come up and it is a serious matter" said Harriet "The Zerg queen has been sighted on Earth, i have alerted the UPM and they are sending an entire division to help us out, this is the time we took out the entire Zerg foothold on any planet"

Alex, Dutch and Zoe were the last to walk into the room during the meeting.

"There you are guys" said Frank "We're going home"

The End

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