Loud Noises

"Alex... no..." sighed Frank, as he knelt beside Alex's body. "Hang on... she isn't dead, just unconscious"
"Well, i think we werent going to be the only people who heard her scream, so be quick about what your going to do bro" said Nigel

The streets were filled with growls of various Zerg creatures, all of them getting louder. Nigel kept an eye on the opening of te alley. Where Frank was trying to wake Alex up.

Alex gasped for air as she gained consciousness, she looked around and saw Frank and Nigel and then smiled. The smile went as soon as she heard the growls of the Zerg. "Listen, theres a hybrid going around, it can talk and it wants to help us" said Alex "Theres a lab to the south and it wants us to destroy it so it can die in peace"

"Why cant we get Harriet to bombard it?" asked Frank
"She cant, its underground, the hybrid gave me the locking codes and everything, he was a Lotoss who used to work there"
"Well anywhere is better than here at this present moment, lets just go" said Nigel hastily.

They got out of the alley cautiously and went southward to the labs.

"There are defence systems but they are currently offline, if we get inside we can turn them on and it will keep the Zerg at bay" said Alex, as she input the codes in the lab door. The lab doors opened with a swooshing noise and they walked inside. When they walked inside the lights came on, and it was a perfectly clean place with testing tubes with zerglings in them. The shiney metallic floor reflected the light quite brightly into their eyes, and there was computers everywhere. Alex went up to one and activated the defences.
"You understand the Lotoss language?" asked Frank, and Alex just gave a smirk.

"Come on, i know where to go" said Alex, and the other two followed her. They decended down lots of stairs and eventually came to a tunnel of something that looked like it was hand made. At the end of it there was doors were more coding would be needed and Alex put them in. The room was circular, and blueish looking metallic walls. In the middle there was a glass circular cage which had lots of purple goo in it, inside was something that looked like a creature. That was the creature keeping the hybrid alive.

 "Okay then... we need to place some demo charges in here come on" ordered Alex. They all placed the explosives everywhere around the lab they were currently in. "Say goodbye fellas" said Alex
"Uh... bye?" said Frank, rather confused
"Idiot" sighed Alex "Come on lets go"

They began to walk out of the lab when they heard cluttering noises from above them. "Oh crap the Zerg got in" said Alex as she got out her pistol. Frank and Nigel got their guns out also, Nigel got out his pistol because his sniper wouldnt be very useful in a place like this.

"Lets go" ordered Alex, and they obeyed, they followed her out the door, and as they opened the saw sergeant Peter, who was about to knock.

"Oh hey, we thought you would be here, the hybrid attracted all the defences gunfire, for some reason its helping us" said Peter
"It wants to die, and its on our side" explained Alex " we have just set charges in the lab where it is being kept alive and now we are leaving"

They all got into the front room and Alex disabled the defences. They went outside and the hybrid still stood tall, as if it hadnt been shot at all. Alex gave it the detonator, and it said "thank you"

"Harriet, can we get pick up now? We have the survivors here and the Zerg are starting to close in" said Alex
"Alright then, im on the way now" Harriet replied

The ship came onto the planets surface, and it picked them up, as the ship flew away from the planet, they saw a flash of light, of which was the lab.

The End

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