No Hope

Alex whipped out her pistol and shot a massive hole in its head, But it didn't die, or get knocked back even a little. It just stood firm, and it started to advance on them slowly.

"I hope to god that isn't invincible" said Alex "get it into the room so we can slip past it, remain calm"

They all did as Alex said, they backed away leading it into the room, when they get it into the middle they all ran around it. For some reason the creature could only walk, and its head had completely healed and had its face back without any scars or deformities.

Alex everyone else were running down the stairs very quickly, when they got to the bottom, they saw sergeant Peter and his squad,

"Alright, lets get out of here" said Peter

The hybrid jumped out of the window of the 39th floor and landed on the floor in front of them, it made a crater upon impact.

"What... the... HELL is that!" shouted Peter
"Hybrid, bullets don't work, don't even try" replied Alex
"Stand back guys, i got a lock" says Harriet

They ran back with the hybrid slowly advancing to wards them. They heard the sound of huge cannons firing and explosions surrounded the hybrid like an artillery strike. There was just smoke, nobody knew what the fate of the creature was. Then its figure came out of the smoke, with a face that didn't look happier than usual.

"Forget this, men open fire!" shouted Peter, and all his men fired at the creature, and it screamed. The creature was backing them away into a corner.

"Dutch use your rocket launcher and put a hole in that building wall" ordered Peter
"On it" answered Dutch, as he blew a hole into the wall of which they all ran into.

Alex tripped over one of the bricks and fell onto the floor. The beast had caught up to her, as she turned around she saw it directly in the face.

Meanwhile on the hills to the west of the city...
"So Frank, hows life been?" asked Nigel
"Its been alright i guess" Frank replied
"Can you believe dads dead?"
"Yeah... i saw it happen and did nothing"
"There was nothing you could do, you just have to for-" Nigel was interrupted by the screams of a woman

"Alex!" gasped Frank "C'mon, were leaving"

Frank ran into the city with Nigel not far behind, Frak checked all over the city for places she could be, until he finally found her...

The End

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