House of Horrors II

"This is Nigel, ill be on the left hilltop providing sniper support should it be required, oh and Franks staying here too" said Nigel
"OK, were lucky we have a medic here too anyway" replied Alex "lets go, lead the way civilian"

The civilian was scared, it was easy to tell. He lead them into the building that he said, and told them that it was on the 39th floor. "God dam it, why such a tall building?" shouted Alex, the echo could be heard all over the building.

They started to ascend the building, with the civilian leading the way. Each floor seemed to be identical to the other, just ruined messed up offices. Sometimes you would see corridors or rooms, but for some reason it was mostly offices. Eventually they got to the 39th floor, and there was lots of survivors gathered on that floor. The lights were on and the people were talking as if nothing was wrong.

"The UPM are here!" shouted the civilian, and with that the entire room cheered. They all gathered around the UPM soldiers as if they were famous people.

"We will get you out as soon as we can clarify the area around here is safe, we don't want you falling to any Zerg in the area" said Alex

"There isn't any Zerg on this planet, or Lotoss, its a matter of the fact that they are both!" shouted a woman.

"What do you mean by both? Hybrids?" asked Dutch

"Yes, they were hybrids, created on this very planet in the labs to the south. We never knew what they were making until now, the hybrids have killed the scientists and they now wreak havoc on this planet"

"We've got lots of work to do, we will get you onto the ship as soon as possible" said Alex "Harriet, we've got survivors, getting pick up?"

"Ill be there momentarily" replied Harriet

Then there was a growling noise coming from the stairway and you could hear something coming up the stairs. It came into site, te hybrid.

The hybrid had the armour of a zealot, and the shape of a zealot, apart from it had the deformities of a Zerg, and it was a revolting sight. Its teeth stuck out in various places and its face was twisted, its eyes and mouth looked abit like a crocodiles apart from it was alot smaller. The hybrid activated its energy blades.

The End

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