They all got to the war-room in 10 as Harriet ordered, Frank came in with Nigel, after having a brotherly catch up. They all gathered round the table and Harriet began to explain what they were going to do.

"Right guys, the Zerg have taken over a planet that was once under our control, are we going to let them get away with that? No. We are sending you there to liberate the planet" she explained "Any questions? Good"

The only problem is most of the marines in the room haven't even seen a Zerg, so not only are they poorly trained, they are going to be quite scared to see deformed mutants rip their friends to shreds.

"Set the course for Sg'drassil" shouted Harriet to the pilot. The pilot ran to the cockpit, which was only behind a door from the war room. The ship began to move, which made everyone stumble.

It wasn't soon until they reached the planet and they were set to be deployed nearby a ruined city.

"Why are we doing this?" asked Alex
"Because... your one of us now" replied Harriet
"Why didn't we have a say in this?" Alex asked
"Enough questions, there are peoples lives at stake, get out there!" shouted Harriet

Alex rushed into her deployment pod, which were like escape pods, apart from they were used for a different reason. She got her pistol and rifle and laid back onto the soft chair.

"Launching in 3... 2... 1..." said Harriet, at 1 she fired the pods onto the planet.

"Testing comms... can you hear me?" asked Harriet
"Loud and clear" replied Frank, with a newfound jolliness in his voice.

"Alright listen up, Frank and Nigel you take to the left. Alex, Dutch and Zoe you go straight forward with some of my men and Sergeant Peter you take your squad out right with you" Harriet said into the comm.

'Bossy mother-' Alex's thoughts were stopped from the impact as they landed on the planets surface.

The pod was forcefully opened as Alex stepped out. "Lets go Dutch, Zoe" sighed Alex in a fed up tone. Dutch and Zoe said nothing and just followed Alex as they went into the city with some of Harriets men. 'Atleast Harriet isnt with us' thought Alex.

The group wandered into the city slowly, checking all the windows in the buildings and listening to make sure the Zerg werent nearby. "This is Frank, im with Nigel and we are taking the left route" said Frank on the comm.

"Good luck Frank" said Alex

Frank was walking around to the left route into the city with Nigel, who was a sniper. He was a spitting image of his brother apart from he had his hair black. and it was long.

"This is sergeant Peter, we are in position on the right route into the city" said Peter "I dont like the look of this place"

"Yeah, i dont think anybody does" replied Alex

All 3 teams were advancing into the middle of the ruined city, the skyscrapers and houses all with smashed windows and blood stains, even near the top of the roofs there was blood stains.

"What ever happened here... its over now" said Alex
"Careful, they could be hiding in the houses" said Harriet

"Over here!" came a voice, running towards them waving his hands in the air.
"We got a survivor" shouted Alex, as she ran over to the man.
"All the survivors gathered in the big apartment building just there" he said as he pointed towards the building "You have to get us out of here, it wont be long till they come back"

"Dont worry, we will help you" said Alex "Guys, to that building double time!"

The End

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