Hold On!

The entire team had opened fire, and the screams of the Zerg were soon piercing their ears. The zerglings broodlings were swarming over to the bunker, failing miserably, and piling up a body pile. Those body piles were soon knocked down by an ultralisk. The ultralisk was charging toward the bunker, Dutch opened fire and split open its face with a massive wave of bullets.

"Keep listening in on that radio!" ordered Valadmir
"Don't worry, i am doing" replied Frank hastily as he was messing around with the tuning on the radio until he got a clear signal.

"This is Marshall Harriet of the UPM starship Flaming Dawn, we hear your distress call and will be there within 5-10 minutes, Harriet out"

"We will be away from here incredibly soon guys" said Frank.

They eventually saw hydralisks appear from the red mist and bodies, and they began to open fire upon the bunker. The acid coated spines pierced through the metal like a pin through paper. They were being very inaccurate, yet the bunkers structure was diminishing.

They were shooting down all the Zerg until a spine shot straight through Valadmirs chest. Valadmir dropped his gun, and dropped to the floor in just seconds from the impact.

"Whoah!" shouted Frank "Hold on! I wont let you die"

"We can see you now, god your in some trouble there, we'll get you out of it easily though" said Harriet through the radio.

Within seconds you could hear a very powerful machine gun being fired, and the bunker being surrounded by the dust of the planets floor.

Valadmir was coughing up blood faster than Frank could put it back in. "Sorry sir, the wound in fatal, i cant heal you"

"Its ok boy... Put me out of my misery" whispered Valadmir

Frank took out his gun, and shot the admiral, and he died.

Outside the bunker they could hear jet engines and more weapon firing, they ran outside to see the UPM pushing the Zerg back. Then there was a marine, with pink armour with black trimmings, with the marshalls symbol on the armplates.

"There they are!" shouted Harriet "Get them on the ship"

As Harriet said that, they were rushed into the dropship, and taken to the Flaming Dawn. It was a beautiful sight.

It was shaped like a jet, apart from this ship was about 100 times bigger than a jet, and the wings were alot thicker, where the sleeping quarters where. The cockpit was incredibly noticable and the ship had lights all over it. It was painted a very dark black colour and the paint seemed to have been rusted, and also scorched, as if they were in a battle of some sort.

"We are looking for able-bodied soldiers such as yourself" said Harriet "Dont suppose you would want to join the UPM?"

"Im up for it, how about you guys?" asked Dutch.

"Im in if your in Dutch" said Alex

"And me" said Zoe

"Im not too sure, i just want to see my family again" said Frank

"Hmm... Frank Houston?" asked Harriet "Your brother Nigel is on this very ship, hes in the cockpit, would you like to go see him?"

Franks face lit up with a smile upon hearing those words and he rushed over to Harriet and she took him to the cockpit.

"Meet us in the main war-room in 10 guys" ordered Harriet.

The End

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