"This is Mojo humans, the zealots have retreated into a mountain pass just south of your position" said Mojo
"Thanks, we'll be there momentarily" replied Zoe
"Looks like i need a new base" said Valadmir, looking around at the scenery, full of dead bodies and no other survivors but him, Zoe, Alex, Frank and Dutch.
"Valadmir, you work on that, we will go take out the zealots" said Alex
"I shall, if you come back here after your done, i will pick you up and take you to the new location"

Valadmir made his way to the airdocks, got into a wraith battlecruiser, activated the cloaking and flew away. Zoe, Alex and Dutch made their way, with Frank being left behind a little bit. As they arrived outside the mountain pass in mere minutes, they heard breathing, and talking but they couldnt understand the language.

"Step back" said Mojo, and they all stepped back, and Mojo launched a missle into the cave. There was a glorious blue glow, and then they couldnt hear breathing and talking, just dead silence. Frank took a flare out of his bag, and threw it into the cave, the entire cave lit up in a bright red light, and dead bodies filled the floor.

They walked in slowly, hands against the walls incase there was anymore passageways in the cave, but there wasnt none.

"The cave seems clear, did you see them run anywhere else Mojo?" asked Zoe
"No they all went into that cave, we must of gotten them all" replied Mojo

They made their way back to the base, onto the airdocks. They found a science vessel in all of the debris of random ships and bodies. A science vessel was spherical, and inside it was full of technology. Back during the wars before it they were controlled by artificial humaniods. Since the science vessel was big they could all fit in a science vessel. So when they all got in they made their way north as the science vessel could pick up the traces of fumes from the admirals ship.

They followed it for a few minutes and eventually they saw a base being built. They landed just next to the admirals ship and got out.

"Ah so you found me did you? Thats good" said Valadmir, he then went to look sincere "Ive called for reinforcements, theyll be here in a couple of hours"
"why look so sincere?" asked Zoe
"The sun is going down, the Zerg always attack at night, regardless of moving base they will find us eventually" shouted Valadmir

The sounds of distant growling could be heard
"They are here already!" shouted Valadmir "quick! Inside this bunker"

They all ran into the bunker, stocked up on ammo and loaded their guns. The bunker had four windows one facing each direction: North, East, South and West. Frank stood in the middle should there be any casualties and also because he was the worst with a gun.


The End

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