Die With Pride

Xel-Naga tackled Fenix off of Alex, and Alex joins the battle once again. Xel-Naga was fighting Fenix. They were both incredibly talented with the warp blade, making an equal fight. Xel-Naga was fatigued by the past battle though giving Fenix a huge advantage.

Zoe was mowing through the zealots with her shotgun, but they were getting abit too close to her liking. She picked up a warp blade and attached it to her shotgun and used it like a bayonet. It seemed to work well.

Xel-Naga was showing signs of exhaustion, he was starting to move slower and seemed to be less agile. Fenix was still in full shape, going to fast for Xel-Naga. He managed to slip through his defence and stab him in the stomach. Xel-Naga dropped to his knees. Alex saw this and ran towards Fenix, and he grabs Alex and held his blade to her neck once again.
"No one will save you this time, pathetic human" scowled Fenix, as he went to kill her, he paused. He looked down to see Xel-Naga's warp blade coming out his chest. Fenix burst into bright blue flames and disappeared. Dropping Alex from quite a height. Alex ran over to Xel-Naga.
"Goodbye Alex..." he whispered softly, before he also disappeared into blue flames.

Zoe, who was doing well with her new weapon noticed Alex looked rather upset and angry at the same time, using the shotgun Zoe gave her when they were in the cave.

Eventually the zealots noticed Fenix was dead and that they were losing the battle, they started to flee. The air battle overhead was still going on. Mojo however was following the fleeing zealots, as his ship had a cloak that was disabled by the enemies ships before he destroyed them. The zealots had fled into a mountain pass, to the south of the human base.

That is where they were headed next...

The End

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