"Frank?" gasped Alex
"However did you guess?" replied Frank

Everyone ran in to hug Frank, even Alex, she got off of Dutchs shoulder and ran towards him. Frank noticed her trouble running.

"Want me to have a look at that?" asked Frank
"Would be nice... thanks" replied Alex

When they got to the main base where they set off from. Admiral Valadmir welcomed them back.

"I heard all about it! You slayed the Omegalisk" shouted Valamir with glee "You have contributed to Earths recovery, we are grateful"

Alex looked around and noticed Xel-Naga leaning in the corner on his own. She gave him a smile, and he replied with a nod. Then afterwards Xel-Naga looked abit worried, and he went into cloak whilst running at the Admiral. The lights went out.

A familiar manical laughter filled the air. Then you could see faintly... The Queen of Blades had returned.

"Nice to see you did as i asked, you gullible fools" she laughed "Now im going to kill all of you, and then there will be no resistance now that the Omegalisk is dead" She let out a ear peircing laugh once more then the sound of the gates being knocked in were replacing it. "Have fun" Kerrigan smiled. The lights came back on and she was nowhere in sight, and niether was Xel-Naga.

The gates were smashed through and hordes of zerglings and hydralisks flooded through, with mutalisks flying overhead shooting down. The entire base was flooded with the sounds of battle. Dutch picked up a flamethrower and toasted any nearby threats to them. Loud crashes came, and zerglings came at them from behind like an avalanche. Zoe picked up Dutchs minigun and annihilated anything in her way.

Ultralisks where coming in through the gateways, charging towards them. Dutch actually thought at that moment in time that he actually was outmatched. As the bodies piled up around the remaining survivors of the base which where only five of them. They were constantly moving due to mutalisk projectiles. Then some bolt of energy was seen hitting the mutalisks. Then a full fleet of Lotoss ships garrisoned overhead. Dark templar teleported in and assisted the survivors. Xel-Naga killed the ultralisks and the others killed everything else. The Zerg began to flee, which wasnt common.

There was a long silence and then zealots began to uncloak, and Fenix was stood in the middle of them. "Well look who it is, if it isnt the cheater" Fenix said pointing at Alex.

"Xel-Naga their fleets have us surrounded, we make a single wrong move we are dead" said Xel-Naga communicator.
"Okay, just stay there" replied Xel-Naga

"Kill them..." whispered Fenix. The zealots all drew their blades and charged, and the dark templar did the same. Meanwhile Mojo, a Lotoss scout on Xel-Naga's side, was in the air in his ship, he took a shot at Fenix's ship. It blew up then all the other ships started to fight.

Fenix cut his way towards Alex, and kicked her to the floor and held his blade to her neck.

The End

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