Omegalisk Final Battle

As Alex was running, the cave started to curl, and go upwards. Eventually Alex found herself by the temple and she saw Zoe up near the front of it. Zoe, gesturing Alex to hurry over, was breathing quite heavily but seemed unharmed.

"We're going in there" said Zoe
"It doesnt look very good" whispered Alex softly
"Follow me" ordered Zoe

They walked up the stairs of the temple and went inside. Once inside they say Dutch, wrapped up in the purple goo. Alex and Zoe freed him from it by slashing at it fiercly, without harming Dutch. Once free Dutch let out a sigh of relief.

"I thought I was a goner, thanks guys" he said "Careful, that thing is around here somewhere"

They heard stomps, dust from the rocks above were gracefully floated down. They all looked around until finally, the beast showed its face once more. Its carapace wasnt on, and it was all purple and wounded. But it showed no weakness as it attacked them with its tentacles. Dutch shot the hell out of it, but to no use. Even though it hadnt had a carapace the bullets wernt strong enough to peirce the beasts muscle. Alex had went around whilst Zoe and Dutch distracted the beast. Then Alex jumped onto the beasts back, and managed to shoot one of the yellow spots on the tentacles before being smashed off.

The Omegalisk roared in pain and anger but continued to fight showing the greatest defiance. Zoe had a go at it, as Alex could run much more after taking such a blow. She ran to the other side to confuse the beast, went up the stairs onto the sideway, and jumped onto its back destroying another tentacle. The beast started to go abit dizzy, showing that the plan was working. Zoe ran towards the beasts head. She dropped from its front horn to hang infront of its face. She shot it in both of its eyes, blinding the beast. One of the remaining two tentacles went in to stab Zoe, but as the beast didnt know where she was it ended up stabbing itself through its head.

The beast dropped swiftly into a cloud of brown dust and purple blood. Dutch helped Alex up, as she seemed to have a broken leg. Dutch put Alex on his shoulder and they made their way out of the cave. Before they got out, a familiar figure could be seen...

"Why hello there..."  

The End

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