To the Rescue

"Did you see that!" screamed Zoe "They got Dutch"
"I saw it, lets go" said Alex hastily

They ran into the cave, Zoe had handed Alex a shotgun as she always had one spare. They had there lights on, looking through the cracks in the walls of the cave, looking for Dutch. They could find or hear anything. They came to a split, so they decided to split up, Alex went left and Zoe went right. Alex was going down, and Zoe was going up.

Alex was walking wearily down the pitch black rocky corridor, until she heard noises. It was a sort of crackling noise as if the cave was collapsing. But the foundations were too strong to make it cave in. The structure of the cave, was too well built for it to be natural. It looked as if it was built by hand or dug by hand. Alex shone her light to the direction where it was loudest and she saw cracks forming on the wall.

Zoe, was walking up the stairs, keeping her eye on the top of the stairs to make sure nothing was planning on jumping her. Eventually, she could see a faint light in the distance, she ran towards it full of hope. As she got there it was just a torch, but the light revealed a destroyed bridge, and on the other side was a temple of some kind. She could just make out the drawings into the rock of the temples structure. There was stairs going into it, and they were covered in purple goo. She walked up to the edge of the destroyed bridge, and looked down. She could see a funny looking creature.

It had four legs and had two claws, it was brown completly, and it had the head of a hydralisk. It seemed to be digging into the wall, making a growling noise. Zoe, from instinct, thought as it as an enemy and shot at it, the beast roared and turned around, looking deep into Zoes eyes. Zoe felt lucky that she was up above the creature too far for it to reach.

Alex just stood there watching the cracks, until she heard a gunshot. After that the cracks stopped growing and she heard a roar. She put her ear against the cracks and heard something breathing. Shortly after she could Zoe screaming. Alex immediatly kicked the cracked wall, breaking it through, and she saw the beast. Alex was so scared she immediatly pulled the trigger of her shotgun. Killing the creature and knocking her back because she couldnt handle the recoil.

Alex walked through the crack, and she saw Zoe on the edge of the bridge, and infront of Alex was a pile of dead zerglings. Alex ran over to the pile of dead bodies, and she could see Zoe clearly. Zoe was smiling and waving, and Alex waved back. Then Zoe took a leap across the bridge, and only just made it. Alex turned her attention elsewhere, and then ran down the corridor opposite of the way she just came in.

The End

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