Omegalisk Pt III

Minutes after this, they went out to find Dutch, he couldnt of gotten far. Alex and Zoe were asking around and they found out he was in the labs, so thats where they went. Dutch was working with the scientists to improve the Thor battle mech. It is a costly operation, but from a dying planet money isnt hard to come by, not only that but they have a way of making scrap metal turn into titanium.

"Dutch, you done?" asked Zoe
"Yeah im done" Dutch replied

They set out of the labs and into the wasteland known as Earth, and they saw a nearby Lotoss base. Readying their weapons they set off towards it.

When they were within the base, they were sneaking around, there didnt seem to be any patrols. "Can i help you...?" came a voice. They all turn round to see Xel-Naga looking at them. "Looking for the Omegalisk are we? Doing some dirty work for Kerrigan?"
"Yeah... how did you know?" asked Alex
"The dark templar can read minds, yours being easy to read" said Xel-Naga "The Omegalisk is in a cavern, just there" Xel-Naga points out towards a cavern.

They walked into the cavern that Xel-Naga pointed them towards, when within 5 feet away they heard the Omegalisks roar, that shook the very foundations of the mountain it was living in.
"Lets go" said Dutch going into the caves, you could hear the skutter of creatures in the cavern, most likley would be Zerg.

A tenticle whipped out from the wall, grabbing Dutch and dragging him into the cave. You could hear screaming and then silence. Zoe and Alex shocked completly ran into the cave after Dutch, hoping that he would be alive when they get there.

The End

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