"The Zerg isnt a parasite" scowled Alex. Admiral Valadmir walked into the room, looked at Zoe, abd then the dead body of Morris. 
"What happened here?" exclaimed Valadmir, from pure shock. 

Admiral Valadmir, wearing his black admiral outfit, you could only just see that he had grey hairs, and his eyes were a stormy blue colour. 

"The Zerg infested Morris' body" replied Zoe
"The Zerg is a parasite?" asked Valadmir
Zoe was investigating the dead body, took samples from the wound(s) she made from shooting Morris "Ill see what i can do"
Valadmir walked out the room. Alex, who had stopped crying, was just sat down staring out of a window.

All of a sudden the lights went off, they could only see through the light glimmering through the window. All Alex and Zoe could hear was constant chatter. Followed by a scream which pierced their ears. "Its the Queen of Blades! He-" you could hear the voice stop by a peircing noise, after that you could hear the blades leave the marine slowly, then the clunk of the body hitting the floor. The hellish laughing of a woman could be heard. Zoe loaded her shotgun and Alex got her pistol.

"Why hello there..." whispered a voice
"Show yourself... Queen of Blades" shouted Zoe
"Nice to see i dont have to introduce myself" Kerrigan said as she revealed her demonic face from the shadows.
"What do you want from us" said Alex
"I can help you..." Kerrigan replied
"Why would you help us" hissed Zoe
"Because first your going to do something for me..." Kerrigan said slyly
"What do you want?" Alex moaned, you could tell she didnt want to give in but she did.
"The Omegalisk, still isnt dead. I want you to finish it" said Kerrigan "I know its weakness, and if you agree to help me, i shall tell you"
"What do we get in return?" demanded Zoe
"Youll find out" Kerrigan whispered
"Fine we'll do it" said Alex
"Good... The Omegalisks weakness is its tenticles, should you make them stretch out far enough, youll notice some yellow spots on them, they are ateries, shooting them will cause it to bleed to death on the inside" Kerrigan explained "You dont do this within 48 hours, ill kill all of you"

She stepped back into the shadows, you heard a demonic laugh again then the lights came back on, and there was no sign of Kerrigan, or Morris' body.

The End

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