The Three Of Us

Alex, crying over the loss of Toby, went into the base again.
"Whoah Alex whats up" gasped Dutch
"They killed Toby" sobbed Alex
Dutch tried to comfort Alex, which didnt really work. Zoe walked over noticing them. "What you two love birds up to?" asked Zoe, before realising that Alex was crying "Hey whats up"
"Tobys dead Zoe" said Dutch mournfully
"Looks like its just the three of us" said Zoe

The next day...

Morris seems to have made quite a recovery, hes perfectly alright, infact hes improved. "He has improved muscular systems, increased physical strength, or so our DNA tests have figured out" said Zoe
"Why were you DNA testing my dad?" asked Alex
"Because... We noticed how quickly he recovered, and if you look carefully, or look at all you havnt yet. He was shot twice you were shot once. Yet he recovers quicker than you. Theres something up" explain Zoe

Alex went into her dads medical room, he was lying there peacefully.
"Hey dad" Alex said with a smile "Youve healed and improved incredibly quickly"
Morris just grinned, but then he felt uneasy. He started to cough and choke. Then there was lots of cracking noises coming from his body and he screamed in agony. His nails grew to such an incredible length, they looked like claws.

"K-Kill me..." he gasped
"No...  I couldnt" Alex cried, she couldnt put up with another loss, especially her own father. Morris screamed so loud it echoed throughout the base, Zoe came in with her shotgun loaded. "Whats going on" she shouted and then noticed Morris.
"Kill me!" Morris shouted. Zoe had to think about it, Alex couldnt even look, she was in tears yet again. Before Zoe had time to think Morris had lunged at her, she uppercutted him. He clawed at her leg, which cut through her armour. Zoe screamed in pain and shot Morris, killing him straight away.

Zoe was breathing heavily, not only because she was in shock, she was also in pain.
"So thats why he improved so quickly..." gasped Zoe "He was infected"

The End

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