"Of course they can stay, just make sure they dont cause any trouble" said the Admiral
"Well thats good, you can sta-" Morris was interrupted by the sound of alarms ringing. "Ah hell"
Morris ran down the corridor, Alex and the others in quick pursuit. It was shortly afterwards they heard a devestating roar, and it didnt take Toby too long to realize what it was. So he ran in a different direction.
"Its too strong, use the Thor" crackled the intercom, Toby had managed to find his way into the underground lab where the Thor was being constructed,  it was collosal.

A huge battle mech with 'Thors Hammer' particle accelerators which where the cannons on its arms and it also had missle launchers on its back. It stood on two legs and it was like a mech to the point where it had so much firepower yet only required one pilot.

 Toby got into the Thor, and started it up, and the ground above stretched out, leaking the sunlight in which reflected of all of the shiney metal surfaces of the labs. After it had surfaced Toby also found it easy to move the Thor, and he soon went to aid the UPM with the Omegalisk.

"What the hell is that!" shouted Morris
"Its called an Omegalisk, its really just a twisted science experiment" replied Alex
"Well not even explosives can get through that carapace!" shouted Morris "Wait whats that... whos in the Thor!" shouted Morris

Toby went over to the Omegalisk and rugby tackled it, the tenticles of the Omegalisk tried to go for the Thor. But to no avail, they couldnt peirce the metal plating of the Thor.

One of the Omegalisks kaiser blades struck the Thor in its side causing it to topple over, but Toby quickly got it back up. He started using the cannons which actually did some damage to the creature as you could hear its roars of pain. After moments of none stop shooting the Omegalisk collapses and Toby goes to finish it.

Something came out of the ground next to the Thors leg, it looked like a bug, apart from its abdomen was a massive green blister. It had a concealed face and sharp teeth. But then it exploded pouring acid all over the Thors leg, it also went all over the Omegalisk but it didnt seem to affect it.

As the Thors leg was disintergrating, mass amounts of Zerg came from the ground. Hydralisks, ultralisks, and zerglings came out of the ground and charged towards the base.
"Open fire!" shouted Morris.

The gates to the base were closed and locked. All the cannons in the towers opened fire towards the gate killing the Zerg and there was death everywhere. A hydralisk shot Morris in the knee, which made him drop to his face. But he got back up and continued to shoot. He got shot again in the shoulder, which made him fall off the overhead gate tower with a clunk. Alex didnt even scream or anything, just quickly ran over to him and looked at him. She then remembered what Frank did when she was wounded. So she just took out the spine with as much strength as she could muster and took out the spines. She took him to a medical room, and wrapped up his wounds. She let her dad sleep, and she went back to the battle.

Back up on the gates she had noticed all gunfire had stopped and there wasnt any soldiers around, they were all in the main yard talking with each other. The stench of dead Zerg had filled the air. She looked over to the Thor, and noticed something crawling out of it, Toby.

She immediatly ran down the tower and out the gates over to Toby.
"Toby! Are you okay?" she yelped, Toby just coughed up blood, then they could hear the sounds of a purring type noise, and also the sound of digging. Then suddenly and massive spine came from the ground, impaling Toby.
"NO!" screamed Alex, the spine had went back into the ground and Toby was there on the ground, with a massive hole in his chest.

The End

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