Blind Luck

"A-Alex?" said Morris softly
"Oh I missed you so much" cried Alex, running up to him and hugging him. Xel-Naga came out of the shuttle "Whats taking so long"
"Whoah!" shouted Morris, and they all shot at Xel-Naga but his shield took all the bullets before Alex stopped them.
"He's with me, if it wernt for him, id be dead" said Alex
"We were sent out to look for survivors, looks like we found some, looks like its time to head on back" said Morris
"I will not put you all in danger" said Xel-Naga "The Omegalisk will definatly find you, looks like this is where we go our seperate ways Alex"
"I guess so" said Alex, looking at the ground
"If they shoot at me i think they all will, looks like the dark templar must part with the humans, we wish you luck" said Xel-Naga
Xel-Naga got into his shuttle and so did the dark templar, they left one behind for them. Alex, Dutch, Zoe, Toby, Morris and his team all got onto the shuttle.
"How do you know how to use this thing?" asked Morris
"Xel-Naga taught me" grinned Alex "The one you shot at. Here put where the base is on this console, the shuttle will take us there"

Morris put in the coordinates and they set off towards the base, whilst waiting Alex and Morris caught up, with Morris being in the UPM for over 10 years.

When they arrived at the base, they were first contacted through communication.
"Its okay boys its me" said Morris, as he said that the gates opened and allowed them access to the UPM base. Once inside and out of the shuttle, they walked through various corridors until they came up to one certain door.

"Ill have a word with the admiral to see if he will allow a place for you to stay" said Morris "If he doesnt then i dont know where you can go"

Morris knocked on the door, waited for a reply. "Who is it?" asked a voice
"Admiral Valadmir? Its Special Sargeant Morris, could i have a word with you?" asked Morris
"Of course! Come on in my friend"

The End

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