Toby was the first one to return to the base, and he acted like he hadnt been there. When Xel-Naga had returned, he gestured them to tell him what happened.
"It is what we had feared... It has been released" sighed Xel-Naga "Its hopeless to run, its advanced intelligence makes it impossible for us to escape it"

Zoe, Dutch and Alex were listening as they came round the corner.
"So what we going to do then?" asked Dutch
"There isnt anything we know of to be able to destroy it... without destroying this planet" moaned Xel-Naga.
"And that isnt going to happen, over 6 billion people on this planet" said Alex
"As i said, its the only way to destroy it" said Xel-Naga "You find another way i would worship you, its impossible. We have to evacuate, lets go"

The entire base got into shuttles and flew as far away as they could, flying over what was once oceans, now barren wasteland. It looked along the lines of a worldwide drought, certain places didnt have huge cracks in them, but they were still barren. They noticed travelling people, in some battle armour. It was blue and covered the entire body, and it looked incredibly thick.
"Land the ship a minute!" shouted Alex "Its the UPM"
"Whats the UPM?" asked Dutch
"The United Planets Military" replied Alex

They landed and Alex was the first one out, the marines pointed their guns at her.
"Explain your presence woman" said a marine whos armour made him look like a captain, it was solid black, with worn away metal on it but the symbol gave away that he was a special sargeant. "Wait a sec... she can breathe" They all took off their helmets, they were human.

The captains dark, short blonde hair waved as he shook his head around. His eyes where sky blue and he had a scar along the side of his left cheek.
"The names Special Sargeant Morris Tucker" said Morris
"Dad?" gasped Alex

The End

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