The Omegalisk Pt II

Xel-Naga wasted no time running to the containment cells, but it was quite a far way away from the cells. Toby following stealthily.

The containment cells where quite a big building, it was underground also, for concealment. The roars of something incredibly dangerous came from inside.
Xel-Naga and his men saw Lotoss running from inside the building. Xel-Naga grabbed one as the others killed the rest. "What are you doing here"
"My business is to eradicate you scum from the face of the galaxy!" shouted the zealot.
"Why did you release the Omegalisk!" shouted Xel-Naga
"That could kill you quickest" the zealot grinned
Xel-Naga stabbed him in the stomach, the zealot only laughed and accepted his fate before disappearing into nice bright blue flames.

Xel-Naga and the dark templar ventured into the containment building, with Toby not too far behind.

After going through a couple of doors, there it was. The Omegalisk.
It had the look of a normal Ultralisk, but it had 4 tentacles. 2 on the front of its back, and another 2 abit further down its back. It had 4 kaiser blades as ultralisks only had 2.
2 blades where incredibly big and the other 2 were almost directly underneath and almost the same size only smaller. The blades sprouted from its back, but they were long enough to look more along the lines of arms instead.

Around it were multiple dark templar trying to subdue it, but they were going to have to kill it, somehow, and it was almost 10 times their size. Upon noticing their prescence, the Omegalisk ran towards Xel-Naga and his men.

"Prepare yourselves" said Xel-Naga readying his warp blade. As the Omegalisk swung its left blade, Xel-Naga jumped onto it, and ran up it. He was then on its back where the tentacles were lashing for him. But with no sucess. He dodged and sliced them, but to no effect, the tentecles where almost invulnerable thanks to their incredibly hard carapace. Xel-Naga tried to stab it in the back, but that was no sucess either as it had hard carapace there too. There didnt seem to be any hope of slaying this monster.

A tenticle went to swing at Xel-Naga instead of lunging, knocking him off the creatures back, onto his back on the floor. The same tenticle went to finish him off, but he rolled out of the way, the impact upon it hitting the floor sent him into the air. "Its hopeless, we must retreat" shouted Xel-Naga.

They were running out, as the Omegalisk was too big to even get at the same speed as them. So they soon get out of there. But the Omegalisk was an experiment, before the dark templar wiped out the scientists, they kept the creatures in containment. So no matter how fast the dark templar ran, the Omegalisk would know where they are, as it has increased intelligence from a normal ultralisk. In fact it was just a supermutant Zerg. Unstoppable. 

The End

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