The Omegalisk Pt I

It was daybreak over the mountain, the elegant sun spews light over the red rocks of the canyon they were concealed in. The patrolers went into cloak and started their patrols around the base and canyon, to make sure that they are not found. Zoe, Dutch and Toby were in the dining room as Alex was standing by the door.

"Eat something Alex" said Dutch whilst scoffing down various foods.
"I'm okay" replied Alex

Dutch just shrugged it off and continued to eat. Toby burped quite loudly.
"Holy hell, thats the first sound ive heard from you mouth ever" exclaimed Dutch

Zoe just kept quiet through the entire meal, she didnt like to talk with her mouthful. Instead she just nibbled on her food watching everyone else. Her focus was mainly on Alex by the door, she was worried why she wasnt eating. Xel-Naga walked through the door.

"I hope you enjoyed a good nights sleep" he said
"Hell yeah" exclaimed Dutch

"Xel-Naga there has been a terrible outbreak in containment chamber B5" shouted a dark templar, who has been running and had the worst look on his face.
"Who is responsible for this!" shouted Xel-Naga, his rage was easily seen "Stay here humans, the Omegalisk isnt something that you could just shoot to death"

Xel-Naga just stormed out of the room, with a fair amount of dark templar.

"This Omegalisk must be one tough cookie" said Dutch who was looking around the table "Yum cookies"

The End

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