Frank was walking along the various rocks and boulders in the cavern, walking past various dark templar and cave insects. "Why did you have to go dad..." Frank sighs to himself "I told you the military life was dangerous, whats mom going to think?"
"Talking to yourself isnt normal you know" said Alex who was following him.
"Im going to go home, my mom is going to need the extra support, im an only child" said Frank "Hope I get to see you again, tell the others i said goodbye" Frank gave Alex a hug and then walked away into the elevator.

Frank got into the elevator and went up, and whilst waiting in the elevator he stood there thinking about how his life was just so much easier before his father went into the military. The bond between him and his father was unbreakable, when his dad went away to the military, Frank wanted to follow in his footsteps and went to the military with him. His mother didnt take this lightly, since she had to be living on her own for all this time. Calls home didnt work much or at all.

Frank got onto a shuttle and put his address into the console, as the Lotoss shuttles didnt have pilots they were AI controlled. The shuttle took off and Frank headed on home.

The End

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