Family Business

Frank refused to cry, he mourned his father with the utmost respect. He turned around and looked at Xel-Naga "I want to kill them all" you could hear the emotion in Franks voice.
"We will help you get your revenge on her, but first we have to make sure we have a force strong enough" replied Xel-Naga with his hand on Franks shoulder.

Everyone was loaded onto the shuttles, and they flew off towards the dark templars base. "Our base is hidden somewhere in these canyons, neither the Lotoss or the Zerg would even think of looking around this area, which is preciesly why we choose to be here" explained Xel-Naga.

They landed minutes afterwards, the base looked just like the Lotoss outpost that Fenix was in, apart from the residents of this area were not hostile. "I shall show you around in morning, you all need rest. I shall take you o the sleeping chambers" said Xel-Naga. Frank, Dutch, Zoe, Alex and Toby followed Xel-Naga as he went into a building, it seemed to be a dinner hall, the tables were consoles, it was a menu and if you just wanted something you could just say it and it would appear infront of you. They had the look of slot machines. Then there was a huge dinner table in the middle, it was really long and not very wide.

They walked past the table going up to an elevator, they all got into the elevator as it was a huge one, almost the size of the table. It went down into the mountain it was on, and inside was almost like a cavern just very brightly lit, with psionic fields and it looked like it was cryosleep.

"This is where you will sleep for the night, dont worry about taking 'someone elses' place, they can find another around here" said Xel-Naga before walking off into his own and going to sleep.

"Im not sleeping..." said Frank
"Ill stay up with you then" said Alex
"No, i need time by myself" moaned Frank as he wandered out deeper into the mountain

The End

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