Queen of Blades

"Thanks Xel-Naga, we would most likley be dead if not for you" said Buck
"It was no problem Buck, anything to stop the Zerg in their tracks" replied Xel-Naga
The sound of maniacal laughter filled the air. Everyone looked around to try and find the laughing but came to no success. Then a deformed looking woman appeared from nowhere as if she had the same type of cloaking the dark templar had.
Her hair was ginger, and looked spiked up and all over the place, she had demonic wings and claws. Her skin is green and she was wearing nothing, it was just the muscle underneath the skin and there was some kind of armour, but it looked like bones.
"Kerrigan!" shouted Xel-Naga
Kerrigan ignored Xel-Naga and lunged for Buck, stabbing him in the stomach, killing him.
"NO!" cried Frank and shot at Kerrigan with no success, she soon disappeared and then there was no sign of her.

"Frank, get everyone out of here..." gasped Buck, blood pouring from his mouth.
"We will take you all to our base, it will be safe haven for you to recover" said Zeratul.
"Son... I love you..." were Bucks final words before he closed his eyes for the last time.

The End

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