Turning the Tides

Back at the gates...
It seemed like they were starting to win the fight, but regardless the Zerg kept on coming. But then along came some flying Zerg. It was like a larva just twice its size, curled up and had wings, it was mainly red and its wings were like bat wings apart from the skin between the bones were purple. They started to shoot out acid spores from their mouths. The dark templar were already weary and the flying Zerg wernt exactly helping.
"We've got Mutalisks... bring in the Dragoons" said Xel-Naga, at that command a few more shuttles came quite quickly dropping off dragoons and they were mainly anti-air units. The mutalisks started to drop like flies. Then a few changes started happening, there were these other flying creatures. It wasnt curled up but it was still very big, it had about 12 spines sticking out in a 180 degree circle in front of it, and they were webbed so there wasnt any gaps. Its mouth looked like really crooked green fingers, and their eyes were menacing. They also shot acid but they exploded on impact making more than one take damage. Not only that but they were harder to kill and more of them kept showing up.

"Dutch... are you busy?" crackled Dutch's walkie talkie
"Not too busy why?" replied Dutch
"We need as much help as possible!" exclaimed Frank
"Right im on it!" said Dutch "Zoe, Toby. Im going to help Frank they really need help, you guys stay here and help Xel-Naga"

Meanwhile on the inside...
The zerglings had stopped coming into the room.
"Whats going on?" asked Alex, about 3 seconds after she said that all they could hear was Dutch shouting and shooting his minigun. "My god, we have to go help him"
"Lets go" said Buck
They saw Dutch taking all the attention, shooting like crazy and zerglings just dying before they could get close. Frank, Alex, Buck and the remaining marines started shooting at them. After what seemed to be an endless shooting, the zerglings eventually stopped coming from the vents. Instead they just filled up the base floor.
"Oh man I feel sorry for Harry" said Frank, Harry was the base main janitor.
"We got to go back to the gates, Zeratul needs help" said Dutch
They all ran up to the gate with haste and stood on top of the gates, and shot down upon them. Mutalisks shot a few marines and killed a few.
"Have some of this!" shouted Dutch, who shot the grenade launcher and it went flying into the mutalisks mouth and it exploded into purple gooeyness.

The Zergs numbers were dwindling and eventually the attacks stopped...

"The day is ours!" shouted Xel-Naga

The End

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