(Wo)Man Down!

Xel-Naga jumped off the steel balcony, in front of his soldiers and Dutch followed by Zoe and Toby, showed them to the gates. The gates were just really big and titanium, an Ultralisk could crush through them with ease though.
"Dark Templar, cloaking!" ordered Xel-Naga, when he said that all the dark templar went completly invisible, but you could hear them breathe and then they jumped down onto the front of the gates. Toby and Zoe where manning the mounted guns on the corners of the fortification. Where as Dutch was in the middle, with a mounted grenade launcher.

When the Zerg were within 10ft of the dark templar you could see their blades form, and slice at the Zerg, when they did this their cloaks disabled. Zoe focused doing AA (Anti Air) as Toby did AT (Anti Tank (Ultralisk)) Dutch on the other hand, using no tactical choosing what so ever just shot everywhere and everything that wasnt human looking (Lotoss were not human looking but he knew not to shoot them)

Meanwhile on the inside...
"You hear that?" asked Frank
"Hear what?" replied Alex
"They're in the vents" said Frank "Get ready people they are here!"
Everyone started to load their guns, every vent was being monitored, and they were all staying inside the room where they were observing the vents.
"Thought there was only a few smart ones?" asked Frank "Theres hundreds"
"Do you know how many Zerg there is?" said Buck "Thats why, there maybe hundreds but they are the only smart ones"

The vent caps were being striked, they put up good resistance but the zerglings soon filled the base, and it wasnt long before they sniffed out where they was. The door to the room they were in was locked, and sealed. But the zerglings still attacked it, and where putting dints into it.
"Get ready..." said Frank nervously, everyone aimed their weapons at the door, it eventually broke through and there was a few hydralisks, one took a shot into the room and got a soldier in the head. "Holy hell they are accurate" said Frank unloading a clip into the hydralisk.

Zerglings flooded in from the sides of the doorway, going all over the walls, they were unable to be contained, they were slowly pushing forward and it wasnt soon before many more casualties. A hydralisk took a shot, and it hit Alex in the shoulder, she was instantly swept off her feet and hit the floor.

"Ma... woman down!" shouted Frank as he rushed over to Alex. "Hang in there" he said as he removed the spike with vigorous force which made Alex scream in pain. He then bandaged her arm up and helped her onto her feet. "There isnt much time before we get killed, but you arnt dying on me yet" Alex smiled at Frank, and then they continued to fight the unwinable war with the zerglings.

The End

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