Unexpected Allies

"This is Xel-Naga, commandeer of the Lotoss fleet coming your way, we are here to aid you with the incoming army of Zerg..."

"Wait what?" said Buck before he went over to the communications device. "How and why should we trust you"
"Well its either trust us and live, or turn us away and all be slain by the Zergs ruthless wrath" replied Xel-Naga
Buck was thinking for a second, before finally giving in to their offer "Permission granted" He then switched the line "Boys let them in"

The Lotoss shuttles landed into the landing bay, and they were teleported out. The marines with their weapons still armed lead them up to Bucks office. Xel-Naga, alone walked into the office. "It is an honour to be of service" said Xel-Naga
"Yeah, course it is, you Lotoss idiots killed Terrence!" shouted Alex, she went to attack Zeratul but Dutch held her back.
"Im afriad you have us mistaken, we are the dark templar, we are of another allegiance to the origional Lotoss. They kicked us out from Aiur like unwanted pests. So now there are two sides of the Lotoss, and we are here to help you humans, against this Zerg threat" explained Xel-Naga

"Your assistance is greatly appreciated..." replied Buck "Whats your plan?"
"Well the Zerg know nothing of tactical combat, they will just charge the front, but very few zerg have brains and will find weak spots in your defences." Xel-Naga replied, as Buck nodded as we went along with the plan "So our plan would be your men wait by any ventilation systems as zerglings will most likley sneak in through there, the dark templar will be on the front lines, battling the endless amount of Zerg"
"You sure you want to do it alone?" replied Buck
"I'll help you, i'd rather kill alot of Zerg than just a few brainy ones" said Dutch
"I'm with Dutch" said Zoe, and after Zoe said that Toby raised his hand.
"I dont trust them, im out, ill find a vent and wait" moaned Alex
"Can't leave Alex on her own, ill wait with her" sighed Frank

"Right then, there we have it, the first time the Lotoss fight side by side with the humans..." said Xel-Naga as he walked out the door onto the balcony. As he stared down at his army he went through the plan.

"For Aiur!" Xel-Naga shouted
"For Aiur!" all the dark Lotoss shouted
"Let the battle begin..." whispered Xel-Naga

The End

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