"Their coming? On our way" said Frank, you could hear some emotion in his voice, as it took them about a day to get where they were but atleast the path back would be clear. "We have to go back guys, base is under attack, or atleast about to be"
As the team ran back to the base with no resistance what so ever they still took some time to mourn Terrences passing.

About an hour later they saw the debris of the house with the hive in it, and a toppled over car at the side. "Use that!" shouted Dutch
"I second the motion" said Zoe

Dutch being the strongest flipped the car back over with ease, they all got in and drove towards the base. The scenery was just a road, with desolate wasteland around them, they could see the base ahead of them, and there seemed to be no signs of battle. Frank looked around abit then saw an entire fleet of Lotoss ships, heading towards the base. "oooh crap" moaned Alex.

Frank stepped on it, making the car go at its fastest speed to try and get back to the base in time to help prepare defend. "Uh, guys" said Dutch
"What?" asked Alex
"Look..." said Dutch pointing behind them.

As everyone looked behind them (except Frank, hes driving) they all noticed a huge stampede of Zerg charging behind them. "Toby, pick 'em off!" shouted Alex

Toby began to shot random bursts with his gun, but you could see them falling over in the distance if you focused your eyes abit.

Frank went straight into the base he managed to stop before he broke or destroyed anything. "Pretty good for someone who hasnt driven before eh?" asked Frank

Everyone else just looked at Frank, they were shocked that he drove without any license or experience what-so-ever. The team rushed up to the captains office, knocked then walked in.
"We arnt going to win this..." said Buck hands leaned out against his desk with his back to everyone "There are too many, we have nowhere to evacuate to, were all going to die"

The End

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