The team looked at the total devastation, there was barely any buildings left around, and there were debris of ships all over.
"So... we going now?" asked Frank
"Uh guys look" said Dutch pointing at the clouds of smoke where a shadow of a demented figure could be seen.
It had the look of something that walked on legs, but it didnt, it had some sort of fins that kept it in the air.
It was looking around, then it brushed off part of the canyon rock, then the team saw it, rich blue minerals.
The drone made some sort of call, and his friends showed up, many drones.
The drone that found the minerals went over to the middle of the gultch and laid down on the floor.
Then a horrifc transformation happened, it turned into some massive cucoon, and it had the look of a beating heart.
The team just stared at this, thing, and eventually it burst out, and they saw something that had the similar look to a hive.
Larvae started pouring out of the sides, morphing into eggs, and zerglings burst out.
They also noticed the same purple goo that they saw in the house, perhaps it is an essential to their survival.
Hydralisks started to be born, were they amassing an army?

"Okay this is too much, weve got the Lotoss wanting to get at us, and now the Zerg are making some sort of army?" said Frank
"Frank this is Buck" crackled Franks walkie talkie "The Lotoss are coming, what did you do?"

The End

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