Escape... Both Sides

"Die honourably..." said Fenix

They clashed, Alex tried to go for Fenix's legs but he jumped up, did a front flip and then tripped Alex up.
He went to stab Alex in the chest, but she rolled out of the way. Then tried to get him from behind but he moved so quickly.
They clashed again, Alex ran up Fenix's body, but he just grabbed her and threw her across the ground.
Alex refused to give up, Terrence's death constantly in her mind, she charged at him again and again.
She didnt seem to be getting tired of constant being thrown around, and the odd backhander.
Fenix had an attempt at her head, he missed but caught her forehead, making a gash.
Alex shrieked, put her hand on her head, and looked at the blood. A scared look on her face.
Fenix went for the attack again, missing this time. Then Alex goes for him, cutting Fenix across the chest.
"Remarkable skill human, lets take it up a notch" said Fenix
Now Fenix was the one on the offense, giving a constant storm of energy blades, Alex blocking them or dodging them.
Alex then ran at Fenix, jumped up and spin kicked him in the face, when Fenix was abit disorientated, she cut him again, at the side of the chest.
Fenix was getting pretty angry at this point. He went for Alex, knocking a blade down, then stabbing the glove part of it.
Alex screamed in pain, at that point Fenix kicked her in the chest, and she was lying on her back.
Fenix put his foot on her chest, looked Alex straight into her eyes, and got his blade ready.
He went for the kill. "No!" Frank shouted, pushing a zealot with the most strength he could muster, making him go into Fenix's blade.
The zealots then started to fight them, one went to vertically slash dutch, but he made it so they cut the handcuffs instead of him.
When they all got free, they started to kill all the zealots. Fenix and Alex still fighting.

Then they heard the sound of ships, Lotoss ships. Wierd looking ships came along, they had the look of a normal human aeroplane.
But these had gold armour and had weapons, green thrusters and the back split into three. They had repeater cannons, and they opened fire.
Alex started to run, the rest of the team following her. But then they noticed a massive golden zepplin type ship came along.
It looked exactly like a zepplin dipped in gold, without the shine, and it couldnt be popped, it had hangers built into the sides of it.
Little mini ships started to pour out of it, and they opened fire. One got Alex in the back.
As the ship turned around for a second round, Alex ran up a wall, jumped and cut the ship in half as it flew over.
The two halfs shot away from each other then blew up, one went into the cliff one went into the first ship that appeared.
That made it go down, and explode. Dutch got out his rocket launcher, and shot the hanger area of the zepplin type ship.
All of a sudden the miniships just auto self-destructed. Dutch shot another shot but at the pilots cockpit, Alex shot at the windscreen.
The windscreen smashed at just the right time, and the rocket went inside and destroyed the ships flight controls, making it go down in a nice blue explosion.
In all of the destruction and blue flames stood Fenix. Then another ship came along, it was also gold but it hadnt any weapons.
Instead it just flew over Fenix who stabbed the underneathe of the ship, which then picked him up and he flew away.
Before he completly dissapeared, you could hear the words "This isnt over..."

The End

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