"I have a UAV scan of the area, the nearest outpost, is... to the south of here, right there" said Frank
"Fun time..." whispered Alex, getting out her second pistol.

They travelled south towards the outpost and found it, it was at night and there wasnt even any nightwatch patrols.
"Toby, do your thing" said Dutch
Toby did a complete scouting of the base saw noone and gave the sign to move
As they moved into the base, they heard speaking
"Untaro Udun brother" "Untaro Udun"
Alex put on a laser sight on her pistol, and aimed for the first zealot she saw, then bam, headshot.
The other zealot saw, activated his blades and ran towards her, as the zealot went to slash, she ducked, span around and shot the zealot in the back of the head.
Another one came running. Alex ran towards it, ran up its body, shot it in the face, and backflipped of its dead body.
Three more came along
"Enough!"came a voice, the three zealots stopped at this point and did a salute
"What is going on" said the voice
"Fenix, the humans are killing our people" replied a zealot
"Ill deal with this one..." said Fenix
He drew his blades, and looked at Alex
Fenix was about twice the size of an average zealot, and had yellow skin instead of pale green. His armour was gold, green trimmings.
"Your friends want to watch?" said Fenix, as other zealots brought her team in.
A zealot handed Alex some energy blades, like the ones the zealots were using, the zealots helped her put them on.
She activated them, and got ready for a fight she was sure she would lose.

The End

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