Engagment in Arguments

Alex fell onto her knees, head in her hands, crying.
"What just happened" said Frank "wheres Terrence?"
"Hes gone" Alex sobbed
"Dam..." whispered Dutch
"We've got to get out of here, more of them will be here to check what that explosion was" Frank ordered.
Alex got up off her knee's her face completly messed up, as her make up ran down her face from the crying.
"You loved him didnt you?" asked Frank
"Yeah" said Alex as she threw a ring onto the floor "so close" she sobbed.
"You were going to..." gasped Frank
"Yeah..." moaned Alex

They continued on their journey, until they stopped, and stared mournfully onto the ground
"He was a good man" said Frank "one of the best"
"Oh shut up, i want to kill them all" greived Alex, with much anger in her eyes, and voice. Tears in her eyes.
"That would be a pleasure, but i want to kill the zerg guys first, you've seen what they can do" said Dutch
"You only want to kill them cause they hurt Zoe" yelled Alex
"You only want to kill the Lotoss cause they killed Terrence" shouted Dutch
"AND because they are behind all of this, killing them would end the threat against our planet" said Alex
"Well even if we do, can we really allow the zerg to build up their numbers?" said Dutch
"Well taking over the world isnt as bad as destroying it..." moaned Alex
Dutch growled, and put Zoe down. "You want to settle this" he shouted as he went closer to Alex, as if wanting to start a fight.
"Dutch... dont" said Frank pulling Dutch back
"Ohh" moaned Zoe
"Zoe!" yelped Dutch with joy
"Get off!" Zoe yelled as she got back up "wheres Terrence?"
Alex started to cry again. "He died for us Zoe" said Dutch
"He's dead?" Zoe cried "thats just great, whos up for a Lotoss killing frenzy?"
"Im up" said Alex, loading her pistol
"Woah, through the ranking system, im in charge" interrupted Frank
"What do you want to do then?" asked Zoe
Everybody looks at Frank as if he is some sort of cirus freak.
"Lotoss killing frenzy sounds good" Frank chuckles
"Lets go then" sighed Dutch

The End

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